dispute in English

a disagreement, argument, or debate.
a territorial dispute between the two countries
argue about (something); discuss heatedly.
I disputed the charge on the bill
synonyms: debate discuss exchange views quarrel argue disagree clash fall out wrangle bicker squabble have words have a tiffhave a spat
compete for; strive to win.
the two drivers crashed while disputing the lead

Use "dispute" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "dispute" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "dispute", or refer to the context using the word "dispute" in the English Dictionary.

1. Alternative dispute resolution

2. Alternative Dispute Resolution

3. Alternative dispute resolution.

4. WTO anti-dumping dispute solution mechanism include anti-dumping domestic dispute solution mechanism and anti-dumping international dispute solution mechanism. Sentencedict.com

5. Patent disputes actually were market dispute and even the industrial dispute among the countries.

6. Mei is expert in the international dispute, especially in the international trade dispute.

7. The dispute remains unsettled.

8. The results were beyond dispute.

9. WTO dispute solving mechanism is the innovation and development of the international dispute solving methods.

10. Do you dispute the charges?

11. The dispute was never resolved

12. These results are beyond dispute.

13. Those results were beyond dispute.

14. His honesty is beyond dispute.

15. These results were beyond dispute.

16. Her professionalism is beyond dispute.

17. The simmering dispute finally erupted.

18. War eventuated from the dispute.

19. Few would dispute that fact.

20. The dispute was never resolved.

21. The dispute was settled honorably.

22. Ellen's honesty is beyond dispute.

23. 19 to arbitrate in a dispute.

24. 1 The dispute was settled honourably.

25. The dispute was settled without acrimony.

26. Is the dispute resolution procedure invoked? 3 Who can invoke the dispute resolution procedure and how?

27. Conclusion Cut down nurse dispute depend on look up cause of dispute, betimes build up flaw.

28. I often dispute against my friends.

29. The legal dispute left them penniless.

30. This personal dispute precipitated Marlborough's dismissal.

31. Don't involve yourself in unnecessary dispute.

32. The dispute is going to arbitration .

33. His theories are open to dispute .

34. Further dispute would worsen your relations.

35. The dispute could jeopardize the negotiations.

36. Don't intrude in a family dispute.

37. An internal dispute between governmental factions.

38. We're in dispute about overtime rates.

39. Develop an alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

40. Michael’s dispute with the Devil (9)

41. Court which decide in industrial dispute.

42. The reasons, though, are in dispute.

43. Don't get mixed up in dispute.

44. Your sincerity is not in dispute.

45. 24 They agreed to arbitrate their dispute.

46. These were thought to be " beyond dispute ".

47. Lowell a ball existence dispute which cancels.

48. Arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution services

49. Their dispute concerned a third missionary —Mark.

50. They supported their sisters in the dispute.