dive in English

a plunge head first into water.
he hit the sea in a shallow dive
plunge head first into water.
she walked to the deep end, then she dived in
synonyms: plunge nosedive jump head first bellyflop plummet fall drop pitch dive-bomb
a famous female opera singer.
your average opera isn't over till the diva trills her high notes

Use "dive" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "dive" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "dive", or refer to the context using the word "dive" in the English Dictionary.

1. All pilots, dive!

2. Start your dive now.

3. They're dive-bombing the city!

4. To dive is to fly.

5. Arm stand dive: A dive that begins from a handstand position, used only in platform diving.

6. Dive left toward 100 feet.

7. The submarine began to dive.

8. Tough order for a dive

9. Sky Dive! Piece of cake!

10. That dive attracts every disreputable people.

11. Let's dive in,supper is ready.

12. As a part of his military training he learned to scuba dive, sky dive and climb.

13. Is he going to dive?

14. Stock prices took a dive.

15. Dinner's ready. Dive in, everybody!

16. Dive in for a bawdy ride.

17. Why don't you take a dive?

18. Their sales have taken a dive.

19. Joanne had just learnt to dive.

20. I would have no hesitation in recommending either Puffin Dive School, or the dive sites to anyone.

21. The dive log screen displays maximum depth, dive time and surface interval for the last ten dives.

22. Side by side, we dive in.

23. Scuba dive at Balmorhea State Park.

24. You can really dive into it.

25. 9 I and mom bought a ticket, put on thick blue dive garment, dive like black galosh shoe.

26. Dive bombers from Enterprise severely damaged Akagi.

27. You can't encrypt during a deep dive

28. She made a dive for the door.

29. The news put shares in a dive .

30. Profits really took a dive last year.

31. She made a dive for the bathroom.

32. The firm's profits took a dive last month.

33. I also dive in this dead zone.

34. N1K1-J KAIb Conversion for dive bombing.

35. He continues to ski and sky dive.

36. The plane went into a steep dive.

37. I wonder how long she practiced that dive.

38. The goalkeeper made a dive for the ball.

39. Unlike some birds, it does not dive vertically.

40. 17 She performed her dive with effortless grace.

41. Is the tonometer quality of fish dive good?

42. Focusing on the dive within, change, freezing out negativity.

43. I signed up to learn how to scuba dive.

44. Take a dive and there would be no regrets.

45. 1 The market values are in a nose dive.

46. 7 Dive: To plunge, especially headfirst into water.

47. It displays maximum depth and elapsed dive time.

48. She defied him to dive off the bridge.

49. Mexican peso took a big dive in 19

50. If we cut interest rates, the pound would dive.