enclosure sale in English

selling of collateral for which a creditor has assumed ownership

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1. Again, remove the light enclosure; keep the acoustic enclosure.

2. Microduct enclosure

3. An enclosure for ostriches.

4. Acoustic diffusion enclosure

5. Electro-acoustic transducer enclosure

6. Acoustic enclosure for loudspeakers

7. Light weight shell acoustic enclosure

8. I finally reached the right enclosure.

9. Preventing unwanted access to locked enclosure

10. I received your enclosure with gratitude.

11. We were led to a fenced enclosure.

12. A fenced enclosure for confining bulls.

13. This permits control of both enclosure temperature and enclosure humidity without abnormal cycling of the climate control system.

14. Usually horses are applauded into the winners enclosure.

15. The landscape of parliamentary enclosure at Brauston, Leicestershire.

16. She keeps a horse in that enclosure.

17. Anyone could walk up into the enclosure.

18. A system for harvesting totipotent plant tissue culture can include a sterile enclosure, a plurality of bioreactors in the sterile enclosure, at least one agitator in the sterile enclosure, and a culture harvest system.

19. A pigsty is an enclosure for raising pigs.

20. Vertical thermal-acoustic enclosure, constructed from building blocks

21. Mounting enclosure just off the track, 2:00.

22. Active noise control of an enclosure with multiple transducers

23. And it allowed us to go back to first principles, and redefine fly tower, acoustic enclosure, light enclosure and so forth.

24. As a result there was much new enclosure.

25. T = ambient temperature in the enclosure in K,