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ciphering, coding; conversion to a code which suits a device or program (Computers)

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1. A subset of possible encodings are presented in the Encoding submenu.

2. Supports various encodings including UTF-8.

3. Entropy encoding/decoding method and entropy encoding/decoding device

4. Other encoding (%

5. Character Encoding

6. Document encoding

7. The 3D geometry data is then compressed by encoding any regularly tiled surface portion using a first encoding method, and encoding any irregularly tiled surface portions using a second encoding method, wherein the second encoding method is different from the first encoding method.

8. & Override character encoding

9. Remote Encoding Plugin

10. Run Length Encoding

11. Default character encoding

12. Like all ISO-8859 encodings, it is equal to ASCII for 00–7F (hex).

13. A given document encoding decoding: generated characters, and its corresponding output character encoding.

14. For one embodiment, an asymmetric ADPCM encoding scheme is implemented to increase apparent encoding resolution for a specified number of encoding bits.

15. 18) Voice encoders may be further enhanced by encoding digital signals at variable encoding rates.

16. VPSKeys supports the Telex, VISCII, VNI, and VIQR input methods, as well as a number of character encodings.

17. The key technology is designing a 'base-91 encoding' general bit strings to printable ASCII characters which is also referred to base91 encoding or Radix-91 encoding.

18. Your personal encoding sequence is accepted.

19. The transmit circuit includes convolutional encoding, framing, differential encoding, shaping filter, PN generator, hopping pattern generator, etc.

20. Celp encoding/decoding method and apparatus

21. Subband adpcm voice encoding and decoding

22. Attachment %# could not be decoded. Encoding: %

23. Arithmetic encoding for celp speech encoders

24. Font & size adjustment for this encoding

25. Supports batch processing for multiple encoding.