essay in English

a short piece of writing on a particular subject.
Apart from the novels, Sundara Ramaswamy has written several short stories and essays on literary criticism.
an attempt or effort.
a misjudged essay
attempt or try.
essay a smile

Use "essay" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "essay" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "essay", or refer to the context using the word "essay" in the English Dictionary.

1. Read my essay?

2. It's an essay.

3. Anna writing her essay

4. His essay needs polishing.

5. You'll write an essay about:

6. This is a thoughtful essay.

7. The essay was appallingly written.

8. The essay shouldn't be overlong.

9. The essay below the mark.

10. a wordy and repetitive essay.

11. Your essay lacks internal coherence.

12. This essay shows considerable intelligence.

13. This essay argues so persuasively.

14. The essay was pithily written.

15. The essay was wrongly paginated.

16. 17 Your essay appears to be a restatement of the essay prompt with few additional details.

17. The essay seems to start unsatisfactorily.

18. How to write an argumentative essay.

19. I inadvertently passed this essay by.

20. 1 The essay was wrongly paginated.

21. She pegged away at her essay.

22. The essay is ungrammatical and incoherent.

23. The essay is simple and unadorned.

24. I still haven't finished my essay.

25. The essay competition attracted 46 entrants.

26. My essay is practically finished now.

27. This essay is not very adventurous.

28. I've finished my essay at last!

29. 2 My essay is practically finished now.

30. This essay is just not good enough.

31. I wrote tortuous essay for obscure journals.

32. She asked me to redo the essay.

33. Her essay is full of spelling mistakes.

34. Can you look at my essay sometime?

35. 2 This essay is not very adventurous.

36. His essay was clearly and interestingly written.

37. I really sweated over my last essay.

38. 6 This essay is full of misspellings.

39. It's an essay heavy with surplus phrasing.

40. 20 Write an outline for your essay.

41. She wrote an essay on My Family.

42. The essay seems to start unexpectedly [ unsatisfactorily ] .

43. This essay is grammatically smooth and readable.

44. 6 She wrote an essay on My Family.

45. His essay is not based on hard science.

46. This is an argumentative advanced English essay topic.

47. The editor pared down an essay for publication.

48. She got an extension for writing her essay.

49. I felt his essay needed a little pruning.

50. The essay contains a number of factual errors.