evince in English

reveal the presence of (a quality or feeling).
his letters evince the excitement he felt at undertaking this journey

Use "evince" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "evince" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "evince", or refer to the context using the word "evince" in the English Dictionary.

1. It will evince more interest in Football in every generation.

2. She at last condescended to evince awareness of his proximity.

3. To respect the evidence is only to evince an unsubtle mind.

4. Heathcliff, why don't you evince satisfaction at my pleasant news?

5. Experiments evince this algorithm is a good feature detection method.

6. The intrinsic value of tussle is to evince one's aversion .

7. Live life without fear, confront all obstacles and evince that you can overcome then.

8. Anyway, it does no harm for a politician to evince some passing interest in sport.

9. This is the time that we must evince calm and wise restraint. Emotions must not run wild.

10. Today it seems to evince a growing recognition that totalization can not be achieved without a movement involving the transcendence of itself.

11. Nor, as far as we know, did his bankers or accountants evince the least bit of curiosity about seeing these places.

12. Local-colorists thus evince the "double vision" characteristic of the postcolonial author who has one eye on the hegemonic audience and the other on their native subjects.

13. 18 He was determined to prevent it, if possible, though his mother, who equally heard the conversation which passed at table, did not evince the least disapprobation.

14. To reject such vital nutriment is both to display ingratitude to the Buddha and, furthermore, to evince sure signs of spiritual obtuseness (hence the image of the cattle).

15. Sire, the kindness your majesty deigns to evince towards me is a recompense which so far surpasses my utmost ambition that I have nothing more to ask for.

16. But whatever makes Lang Lang so beloved among audiences, in a field where thousands of other pianists evince perfect technique, surely includes his own enjoyment of what he does.

17. The high-rank administrators of the company evince, "The global virtual currency department is established to raise the quality of service, return the old customers and welcome the new customers."

18. I responded with a lengthy dissertation on what I'd so far learn, which wasn't much at the time, and was really only able to evince the need to be in exceptional physical condition before arriving.