except in English

not including; other than.
naked except for my socks
specify as not included in a category or group; exclude.
he excepted from his criticism a handful of distinguished writers
synonyms: exclude omit leave out count out disregard exempt
used before a statement that forms an exception to one just made.
I didn't tell him anything, except that I needed the money

Use "except" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "except" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "except", or refer to the context using the word "except" in the English Dictionary.

1. Except snakes.

2. Except maybe hopelessness.

3. Except the color.

4. Except... funny thing.

5. Dairy analogues except drinks

6. Except for that tail.

7. Except as a soldier.

8. Except perhaps these gardens.

9. Except for the cancer.

10. Except for the poem.

11. Air transport services of passengers and freight, except transport of mail || 73 (except 7321)

12. Little vegetation except short grass.

13. Except for the pocket square.

14. There's nobody here except cowards...

15. Except those insurance company crooks.

16. Except for " The Cheap Trick. "

17. No one except for Derrick.

18. Except for my hip, maybe.

19. Except when marital duties call.

20. Except Njala and the Service.

21. a) Qualified opinion (“except for”

22. everything except old Snowball here.

23. Except for me, I'm waterproof.

24. Forced everyone out except him.

25. Except for Bavenod, the navigator.

26. “No Authority Except by God”

27. No admittance except on business.

28. Except for the main gate.

29. Alarm devices (except for vehicles)

30. They killed everyone, except me.

31. Except for one tiny detail...

32. Except it's much more sophisticated.

33. They all came except Matt.

34. Except that one we planted.

35. All Member States, except BG, EE, HU, LV, LT, PL, RO: unbound, except for aerial photography: none

36. Except maybe when you're signing cheques?

37. He doesn't exist, except on paper.

38. Except saving the world means everybody.

39. Except you forgot one little detail.

40. 2 I don't know except inanition.

41. We work every day except Sunday.

42. Everyone got up except the snorer.

43. Yes, except Edward V , Edward VIII.

44. alkaline batteries (except 16 06 03 )


46. " Loyalty above all else, except honour. "

47. We didn't hear nothing except twigs.

48. alkaline batteries (except 16 06 03)

49. Everyone was there except for Sally.

50. Nor chaste, except you ravish me.