express in English

operating at high speed, in particular.
TNT's express and logistics operations will be at the forefront of the development.
by express train or delivery service.
I got my wife to send my gloves express to the hotel
an express train or other vehicle of public transportation.
we embarked for the south of France on an overnight express
convey (a thought or feeling) in words or by gestures and conduct.
he expressed complete satisfaction
synonyms: communicate convey indicate show demonstrate reveal make manifestput across/overget across/over articulate put into words utter voice give voice to state assert proclaim profess air make publicgive vent to evince

Use "express" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "express" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "express", or refer to the context using the word "express" in the English Dictionary.

1. Adapter card for converting pci express x1 to cpci express x1

2. Via airmail express.

3. An antonym is a express those ways the opposite of anotIT express.

4. To express your emotions.

5. Please send parcel express.

6. I sent parcel express.

7. Allow him to express himself.

8. I sent the parcel express.

9. Please send the parcel express.

10. You've got an express mail.

11. To express themselves without restraint;

12. I express feelings honestly.

13. What was the Pony Express?

14. Very small business or personal items like envelopes are considered overnight express or express letter shipments.

15. Express Confidence through High Expectations

16. It is an express provision.

17. The rod to express my anger+

18. You want me to express myself?

19. I need to express right now.

20. We express our thoughts by speech.

21. Neither pen nor pencil can express.

22. When is the next express? --At

23. You can go by express train.

24. Editing was done via express mail.

25. 23 We hereby express our thanks.

26. Express highway projects adopt BOT method.

27. ‘Slay utterly’ may express its force. . . .

28. Is the next train an express?

29. How to express your dissatisfaction courteously?

30. Express three-quarters as a decimal.

31. Please send this parcel express delivery.

32. Everyone called her the butterball express.

33. 13 Express 25% as a fraction.

34. No words can express my grief.

35. Send the letter by express mail.

36. 3 How do camera express emotion?

37. The express overhauled a goods train.

38. Everyone is free to express himself.

39. Learn to express yourself more economically.

40. Send the memo by express mail.

41. Try to express yourself more plainly.

42. Express that love and gratitude often.

43. 21 Where thoughts serenely sweet express.

44. 7 Jack can express himself eloquently.

45. However, the way that women express their combativeness tends to differ from the way men express theirs, she observed.

46. You, with your Panda Express over there.

47. 10 min: Express Warmth as You Preach.

48. Where can I catch an express train?

49. Many people never really express any anger.

50. Words can't express what I felt then.