extend in English

cause to cover a larger area; make longer or wider.
the Forest Service plans to extend a gravel road nearly a mile
hold (something) out toward someone.
I nod and extend my hand
exert or exercise oneself to the utmost.
you have to extend yourself to change rather than keep on doing the same thing

Use "extend" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "extend" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "extend", or refer to the context using the word "extend" in the English Dictionary.

1. Extend credit trade can extend market scale, bring production scale is extended, thereout can extend indirectly employment level, draw inner demand market .

2. And extend your arm.

3. 5 Extend your traffic pattern.

4. Extend Selection to Previous Message

5. Extend Selection to Next Message

6. The bank will extend you credit.

7. The examinations extend over two weeks.

8. in Northern China and extend rapidly.

9. opportunities we have to extend hospitality?

10. Sneaker boots extend to the calf.

11. I want to extend my personal.

12. com), because it can not extend.

13. The contamination problems extend beyond formaldehyde.

14. Contains biocide to extend fluid life.

15. Alternatively, reefs may extend linearly across basins.

16. The brisket should extend to the elbow.

17. Handling will extend the period of adjustment.

18. We extend a release to Elders D.

19. To extend effective control for cost saving.

20. Theoretically, a line can extend into infinity.

21. The Scriptures urge Christians to extend hospitality.

22. I will extend my stay in Rome.

23. Management have agreed to extend the deadline.

24. The regulations do not extend to pupils.

25. We're asking them to extend the deadline.

26. Can we extend deadline for tax returns?

27. That's how you extend your shelf life.

28. Extend traffic calming measures in residential streets.

29. The offer does not extend to employees' partners.

30. Magnesium anode is used to extend tank life.

31. Extend the range of scale and arpeggio practice.

32. Her visit will extend from Monday to Thursday.

33. The caves extend for some 18 kilo-metres.

34. Or does it extend to an unregistered company?

35. Another choice is to extend the school day.

36. Passing beam elements angular position/extend, additional requirements

37. 3 The regulations do not extend to pupils.

38. These discussions extend across the globe as well.

39. Boundaries of the polygon may extend to infinity.

40. Can i extend my stay two mors hours?

41. The bank refused to extend credit to them .

42. This prevents corrosion and may extend battery life.

43. 7 I extend to them our grateful thanks.

44. " Extend arm'C'to align with bed frame at point'D.'"

45. Some of our courses extend over two years.

46. Reinforce and extend your understanding of revenue recognition.

47. Another choice is to extend a school day.

48. * Leaders summarize key points and extend invitations to act.

49. Hence, metamaterials extend the material response, among other capabilities.

50. Chris, could you extend your arm out that way?