family room in English

a living room used by all family members for recreation and relaxation.
There are three reception rooms inside the house - a sitting room, a family room and a large living room - the latter leads onto a patio to the rear garden.

Use "family room" in a sentence

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1. Beijing family room decoration project construction contract!

2. The sitting room is the family room.

3. He's got Queen's lead singer in his family room.

4. I think down in the family room would be better.

5. Mom, I'm going to watch TV in the family room, okay?

6. Mission statements are moving from the boardroom to the family room.

7. Fiona and Harry were with Mackie and Gareth in the family room.

8. Christopher: Mom, I'm going to watch TV in the family room, okay?

9. Rushing the family room, she found her husband sprawled on the carpet.

10. Turning a spare bedroom into a family room with an outdoor deck?

11. The family room,( dinning room and kitchen are so big.

12. Upholstery fabrics in the family room tie the look to the kitchen.

13. Hi, everybody is good, I am in a young host family room lamp.

14. Consider keeping the computer in a family room rather than the child's bedroom.

15. You can either have the double room or the family room, whichever you want.

16. He bit his lower lip as he looked into the family room at Karen.

17. Tremayne, Mackie and Perkin were all in the family room for the usual evening drinks.

18. Gene Bonti checks in with his wife Bobbie who is relaxing in the family room.

19. We just have to crawl into the family room and hide under the picture window.

20. The spacious family room leads to a breakfast room, which opens to a beautiful outdoor loggia.

21. Formal entry, formal living room and dining room, huge family room with fireplace and custom cabinetry.

22. And in between my bedroom and the bathroom was a balcony that overlooked the family room.

23. The family room is for two adults and two children up to the age of 12.

24. 17 The spacious family room leads to a breakfast room, which opens to a beautiful outdoor loggia.

25. In the family room sits a big, old, overstuffed leather recliner that everyone knows is Grampa's chair.

26. Little if any space was reserved for what we would call the living room or family room.

27. Image above: The sunroom is the only room downstairs that has a TV and is our family room.

28. For those who don’t, it’s something we used to go to the family room and play so we could listen to music.

29. DEAR SARA : What do you consider the most durable, cleanable and reasonably priced fabric for sofas and chairs for a family-room setting?

30. The residence's iwan, a private 'family room' veranda of three walls, usually overlooks the sahn and gives direct or stairway access to it.

31. The family room with a cozy cotton velvet upholstered sofa we designed, based on one by ligne roset but customized to fit into a bay window.

32. We also paid to have professional electricians run structured wiring to several key rooms in the house, including the living room, the family room, and the kids' bedroom.

33. In a few seconds a small video panel appeared, and Matthews was looking at the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree in her own family room in Fredericksburg, Va.