for years|for year in English

for quite a long time now, during many past years and until this moment

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1. Production and investment tax credits were extended for wind energy for one year, geothermal energy for two years and for solar energy for a full eight years.

2. ACCM Producer of the Year for the past nine consecutive years.

3. This system transported a million passengers a year for some thirty years.

4. Smith ground out his three novels a year for over 30 years.

5. Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that inflation will remain at 5% per year for two years.

6. In a given tax year, credits can be claimed for the previous 3 years, or the following 10 years.

7. Years in this calendar are designated A.H. for Anno Hegira or the Hijri year.

8. Brazil has had about 5 percent inflation each year for many consecutive years now.

9. Years later, in 1957, I was laid low by tuberculosis for a whole year.

10. Annual expenditure planned under the scheme: EUR 400 000 a year, for two years

11. We've been running this program for over 18 years, honing improving it each year.

12. What should be the reparation for a five year old child unfairly deprived of a father for 18 years?

13. Chalet, worked as a mediator for Fais-Moi Signe for nine years until the organization shut down last year.

14. He was sent to a mental institution for 3 years and got released last year.

15. (b) if so, the details thereof for the last three years and the current year;

16. Her 18-year-old boyfriend was sentenced to five years in jail for statutory rape.

17. For four years, he trained himself in shot put and discus, steadily improving passing year.

18. 15 Chalet, worked as a mediator for Fais-Moi Signe for nine years until the organization shut down last year.

19. The £304m five-year football package is mind-boggling, with each club guaranteed at least £5m a year for five years.

20. The line graph shows sales year to date for this year plus the past 3 years. Each year has a different color line across the graph...

21. A 20-year round trip for him (5 years accelerating, 5 decelerating, twice each) will land him back on Earth having travelled for 335 Earth years and a distance of 331 light years.

22. Our unit has run a menorrhagia clinic for 5 years and last year we introduced these charts for all our patients.

23. Last year, the world's total output grew by almost 5 %, its fastest rate for 16 years.

24. We get around this problem by skipping leap year for three out of four century years.

25. He was sentenced to two years in prison for mowing down a nine-year old girl.