forage|foraged|forages|foraging in English


[for·age || 'fɑrɪdʒ ,'fɔ / 'fɒ-]

search, look for; rummage for food; raid; supply with fodde

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1. In general, annual forage crops tend to accumulate greater amounts of nitrate than perennial forages.

2. The observation results on forage introduction showed that all of the introduced forages grew well and crock-foot grass, Lolium multiflorum, Trifolium repens had good palatability to goose.

3. forage grass and forage maize in all their forms of preservation,

4. 13 Forage disintegrator is machinery widely used in the forage machine.

5. They foraged a pig for the feast.

6. Benny, her mongrel, foraging ahead.

7. Labels on honey jars tell what plants were foraged by the bees.

8. A young fur seal forages amid bull kelp near Gansbaai, South Africa.

9. The invention belongs to the technical field of forage, in particular to a thallus fermenting forage.

10. Where have you been foraging recently?

11. Red and gray squirrels are foraging.

12. 13) West Indian forage plant cultivated in southern United States as forage and to improve soil.

13. 26 He foraged in the kitchen for something to eat.

14. The gorillas go foraging for food as a group.

15. Yellow flowered European lupine cultivated for forage .

16. A large male chimpanzee was foraging for food.

17. 7 A young Cape fur seal forages amid bull kelp near Gansbaai, South Africa.

18. Cows and sheep depends forage to feed.

19. A dugong forages in the seagrass meadows of Shark Bay, Western Australia.

20. 23 COLD SNAP: A deer foraged for food as the sun set over Knutsford, England, Tuesday.

21. The campers went foraging for wood to make a fire.

22. In the summer, the goats forage freely .

23. The offspring could learn foraging information from mother in uterus and weaning, and get also foraging information from experienced forager through social learning.

24. A solid base with a substrate encourages foraging activity and play.

25. They were forced to forage for clothing and fuel.