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type of zooplankton, type of single-celled marine organism

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1. Foraminifera indicate an outer neritic paleobathymetric setting.

2. Important biota are framebuilders and secondary reef encrusters (foraminifers, coralline algae).

3. Different types of foraminifera thrive at different temperatures.

4. The benthic extinction event (BEE) and larger foraminifera turnover (LFT) during the Paleocene-Eocene transition constitutes an important step in Paleogene larger-foraminifera evolution.

5. But these shells are absent from the foraminifera found in Challenger Deep.

6. Oceanic production of calcium carbonate is conventionally attributed to marine plankton (coccolithophores and foraminifera ).

7. This fauna is associated with Foraminifera, sponge spicules and Brachiopoda et al.

8. High-energy reefs with corals, calcisponges, algae and foraminifers were formed during the Upper Sevatian (Tschitschkautek Formation).

9. Most of the foraminifera were soft-walled, either spherical or needle-shaped, and coloured brown.

10. As such, these puny foraminifera serve as very distinct tags of when the K-T extinction event started.

11. It occurs abundantly in washed residues and is frequently accompanied by other agglutinated foraminifera and encrusting miliolids.

12. The new knowledge of the facies indicating significance of foraminifers is the key to the understanding of the Cenozoic paleography of China.

13. These skeletal remains from creatures such as molluscs, crustacean and foraminifera create a pearly white sand beach.

14. Most of the foraminifera were soft-walled, either spherical or needle-shaped,(Sentencedict) and coloured brown.

15. The direct evidence of temperature alternation is provided by the assemblages and density variation of planktonic foraminifer, calcium micro-fossil in the palaeo-ocean.

16. In these patch reefs bafflestones and framestones with corals, hydrozoans (Rötelstein:Ellipsactinia limestones), chaetetids, encrusting algae and foraminifera are developed.

17. According to conodont , coral and foraminifera fossils discovered, the geological age of this sequence of sedimentary strata is Early Carboniferous.

18. No surprise there -- from coral to clams to microscopic foraminifera, shelled critters make their hard parts out of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

19. The biota of the reef mound (corals, calcisponges, hydrozoans, calcareous algae, foraminifera, microporoblematica) correspond with those of Dachsteinkalk reefs.

20. The reefs are a mass of reef-building corals and dead, calcified organisms with bones or shells—everything from coralline algae and foraminifers to shellfish.

21. The foraminifera that followed were extremely tiny, one-twentieth the size of the species before, with absolutely no ornamentation, just a few chambers.

22. Globs of mud pulled from the trench have yielded an assortment of bacteria, fungi and primitive single-celled organisms called foraminifera.

23. Besides other fragments of hemoglobin and other similar compound coming from the blood of animals, such as foraminifera, minute crustaceans and small worms.

24. The fossils of algae, ostracoda, foraminifera , gastropod and polychaeta were found in the Tertiary carbonate beds in the west of Chaidamu Basin.

25. Rising carbon dioxide levels acidify the ocean, which has a particularly devastating effect on organisms that have calcium carbonate shells, like Foraminifera.