forbid|forbad|forbade|forbidden|forbidding|forbids in English


[for·bid || fə(r)'bɪd]

ban; prohibit; deny; prevent

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1. Her father forbad her to go out alone.

2. My mom forbad me to go .

3. They forbad swimming in the river.

4. My father forbad me to smoke.

5. “Forbidding to Marry”

6. I forbid alcohol absolutely.

7. We forbad them weapons, but they fashioned their own.

8. 11 Custom forbids any modernisation.

9. They forbad people to swim in the river.

10. I forbad my son to use my car.

11. I forbad my daughter to use my car.

12. She forbade her children sweets.

13. Duty forbade them to marry.

14. He forbids any talking in class.

15. Her father forbade their marriage.

16. Her father forbade the marriage.

17. Cam Chi alley (Strictly Forbid)

18. I forbid you the house.

19. His parents forbid him wine.

20. Kings cannot privilege what God forbade.

21. The Mosaic Law clearly forbade bestiality.

22. I forbid anyone to touch that clock.

23. We should forbid all empty talk.

24. It forbids all such intimacy outside marriage.

25. Company policy forbids us from dating clients