frame in English

a rigid structure that surrounds or encloses something such as a door or window.
His mother stood in the frame of the kitchen door, hands on her hips and a grim expression on her face.
synonyms: setting mount mounting
a structural environment within which a class of words or other linguistic units can be correctly used. For example I —— him is a frame for a large class of transitive verbs.
Correct capitalization could help German readers extract the structural frame of a sentence.
place (a picture or photograph) in a frame.
he had the photo framed
synonyms: mount set in a frame

Use "frame" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "frame" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "frame", or refer to the context using the word "frame" in the English Dictionary.

1. Outer frame may choose the paper frame, the galvanization iron frame, or alloy frame.

2. The frame is a runt frame.

3. Frame: waterproofing chipboard or aluminum frame.

4. The frame may be a hacksaw frame or a utility knife frame.

5. Sunglasses. Sun hat. Tangzhuang shoes. Scarf. Frame. Frame.

6. The frame is coupled to at least one of the lift frame or a structural frame.

7. Roof frame

8. Table Frame %

9. Freeze Frame.

10. The frame structure (11) further comprises a roof frame (45).

11. The Frame Reset feature increases throughput speed in freeze frame applications.

12. Adjustable seat frame

13. View Frame Source

14. The Frame Relay frame is a subset of the HDLC frame type. Therefore it is delimited with flag fields.

15. Complete the send and receive data validation, standard frame expansion frame.

16. Steel structures are jib and A-frame, slewing platform and gantry frame.

17. Modular frame - two models available including the standard System 5 console frame.

18. 23 The invention provides a dot-matrix printer, which comprises a main frame, a first movable frame and a second movable frame.

19. The invention provides a dot-matrix printer, which comprises a main frame, a first movable frame and a second movable frame.

20. Plastic tubes, welded frame.

21. It's a frame-up.

22. Method for manufacturing interior/exterior material frame of curved display and frame thereof

23. It's a frame job.

24. It is widely used to heat transfer on door frame, lineament, picture frame.

25. The Aluminum Frame Shim Bracket is for use with aluminum frame glass doors.

26. Be used reinforced frame structure to ensure the fixedness of frame after tension.

27. Inner Window, Titlebar & & Frame

28. Frame Relay Switch Node?

29. Method for editing frame and system for editing frame using graphic user interface

30. For safe frame levelling at any boom angle, two frame-levelling speeds are available.

31. The frame is heat treated to relieve stresses caused by welding of the frame.

32. Specifies whether the Frame Relay link becomes available automatically in a Frame Relay profile.

33. Finally, it sends the frame synchronization signal to slave nodes for swapping frame buffers.

34. Face welded frame only: The 3 components of the frame are face welded only.

35. The frame number generation method includes generating an absolute frame number based on a Global Positioning System (GPS) clock; and generating a shared frame number using the absolute frame number and segment information.

36. Please specify a minimum frame rate that is less than the source frame rate.

37. Show text in a frame

38. 'A' frame mounted cleaning machines

39. Longer arm is bigger frame.

40. And it searches much further for the unvoiced frame according to the ZCR(zero crossing rate), which is differ from unvoiced frame to background frame.

41. BoxPanel (HINT: for Frame Shape

42. How's this for a frame?

43. It's in the window frame.

44. Slope, a small frame house.

45. An improved elongate frame member (90) is arranged to avoid abrasive wear of the frame.

46. Secondly, some results of real equiangular tight frame are extended to complex equiangular tight frame.

47. A timber frame building system

48. My eyeglass frame is broken!

49. We frame up that picture.

50.] and a plastic frame.