garbage|garbages in English


[gar·bage || 'gɑrbɪdʒ /'gɑːb-]

something that is discarded, rubbish, trash, junk, waste, refuse; anything thought to be worthless or substandard

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1. Garbage in, garbage out.

2. Garbage disposals and garbage disposal adapters, garbage disposal flanges and stoppers

3. They're garbage.

4. Garbage truck?

5. 7 It expounds the essential earmark of garbage and the limitation of garbage function transformation: garbage classification.

6. Garbage truck!

7. Collected garbage from the garbage truck specially shipped to refuse transfer station.

8. It's a garbage dump.

9. It's the garbage man.

10. Children scavenge through garbage.

11. Bigger garbage firms developed as concern about the safety of garbage dumps did.

12. Pawnshop ghost and garbage.

13. Uh, the garbage actually.

14. They're our natural garbage collectors.

15. Throw it in the garbage.

16. Such projects as Gao'antun Garbage Burning Plant and Jiaojiapo Garbage Burying Ground will be completed.

17. Enough of this necklace garbage.

18. Or possibly, “garbage dumps; dunghills.”

19. It smells of warm garbage.

20. Municipal: Garbage disposal and tax.

21. The garbage truck comes only twice a week, why are the garbage bins still so clean?

22. The garbage disposal was broken.

23. Where Should They Dump the Garbage?

24. Describes thread suspension and garbage collection.

25. You know you are garbage collection?