garbage dump in English

place where garbage is throw

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "garbage dump" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "garbage dump", or refer to the context using the word "garbage dump" in the English Dictionary.

1. It's a garbage dump.

2. And it smells like a garbage dump.

3. You were found in a garbage dump.

4. This is the name of a garbage dump.

5. The location of a dump, especially a garbage dump.

6. Tom made a living by at the garbage dump.

7. Littering makes the city look like a garbage dump.

8. The interview was filmed at the garbage dump of Medellín.

9. Earth is fast becoming ringed by an orbiting garbage dump.

10. Trashmore, a local toboggan hill built atop a garbage dump.

11. His idea comes straight from the garbage dump, so to speak.

12. From north to south it's a huge garbage dump, a ruins.

13. 4) Trashmore, a local toboggan hill built atop a garbage dump.

14. It concludes that this method can accelerate the stabilization of the garbage dump ground.

15. 15 So during the time Jesus was on earth Gehenna was Jerusalem’s garbage dump.

16. The workshop, if not properly cleaned or readjusted occasionally, will be a garbage dump.

17. Images of children scavenging the local garbage dump for food lent urgency to the Rotarians'efforts.

18. Gallery: Polluted Oceans An open air garbage dump tarnishes the sapphire coast of Barrow, Alaska.

19. In Jesus’ day, the inhabitants of Jerusalem used the Valley of Hinnom as a garbage dump.

20. The largest group work at the municipal garbage dump near the banks of the river Cauca.

21. He could be very thorough ... A body on a garbage dump nine miles out west of Atlanta.

22. In reality, earth’s oceans and seas are also being polluted rapidly, the ultimate garbage dump for mankind.

23. It sat at the southern edge of San Salvador on land that had once held a garbage dump.

24. The entryway was a garbage dump for rotted food, and the stairways reeked of old and pungent uric acid.

25. Pounding surf eroded beaches, exposing an old garbage dump at Cobden Beach which left thousands of garbage bags strewn about.

26. And based on the most circumstantial of evidence you would exile her to a Third World garbage dump that to her might as well be another planet?

27. The Edna Adan Maternity Hospital officially opened on March 9, 2002, in land donated to her by the regional government at a site formerly used as a garbage dump.

28. That young man became so addicted to drugs that he sank to the point of living on a garbage dump, salvaging what he could to sell in order to support his drug habit.