garda|gardai in English


police officer in Ireland who is a member of the Irish "Garda"

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1. Garda Garda is a charming old village that is very easy on the eye.

2. Verona, Garda, Riva, and Torbole are all within easy striking distance.

3. Gardai investigating the crash took statements from some of the dozens of spectators at yesterday's gala.

4. Adelaide refused and was thrown in the dungeon of a castle on Lake Garda.

5. When the two men drove away, the Garda stopped them on a routine check.

6. But a combination on gardai and security men ensured that the Keenans and their guests enjoyed the privacy they craved.

7. Herrema's release after a lengthy siege followed an agreement with his kidnappers, signed by Garvey but repudiated by the gardai.

8. From here regular hydrofoils and ferries connect to Garda, Malcesine and Riva, so getting about is never a problem.

9. Bardolino is just five minutes by local bus from Garda and the shingle beaches are a ten minute walk from the village.

10. Admiral Villa Erme is a modern, luxurious hotel found in a lovely location between Sirmione and Desenzano, just a short distance away from Lake Garda.

11. The exclusive romantic hotels at Lake Garda assure the success of your love holiday: The service will fulfill all of your desires; you can sample the pleasures of amorous moments and culinary delights; and you can spend time with your sweetheart, far from daily routine and hectic pace.