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name of several cities and towns in the United States

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1. City National Excellent Tourism City, the national garden city.

2. Zunyi is a garden city.

3. The garden city attracts many tourists.

4. Hefei is a picturesque garden city.

5. An itinerary of a designer at garden city.

6. State Standard for Garden City will be strictly observed.

7. Roman city dwellers blended house and garden in the confined space of the city.

8. The content of building ecology garden city conclude building and improving greenbelt system of city.

9. Yangzhong Feiyu Machinery Manufacturing Co. in China's Water Garden City, Jiangsu Yangzhong City Development Zone.

10. The big garden square is a white elephant in my city.

11. The following appeared in an editorial in the Garden City Gazette.

12. Secondly, this article will be on the green garden city planning principles.

13. Shenzhen is a charming garden city with picturesque scenery and pleasant weather.

14. New towns movement in Britain is originated from Ebenezer Howard's Garden City.

15. The garden was a haven from the noise and bustle of the city.

16. On the whole, garden plot change centralized in the south of Ya'an City.

17. The attitude stems from a dissatisfaction with the dispersed form of garden city.

18. In the eyes of many Chinese, Singapore is a near - perfect Garden City.

19. In the middle of the city, this garden is a haven of tranquillity.

20. Kitty and Alice ask Winnie about where she has been in Garden City.

21. Unwin was one of the main architectural protagonists for the Garden City movement.

22. To ensure that the design quality, better continue island city garden, the good qualities.

23. That is Botanic Gardens , a heart of green in the garden city of Singapore.

24. Pretoria beautiful scenery, "Garden City" said Bignoniaceae planted on both sides of the street, also known as the "city of Bignoniaceae.

25. 11 The garden was a haven from the noise and bustle of the city.