grave|graver|gravest in English



severe; serious, critical; somber, sobe

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1. One of gravest cost.

2. We are in the gravest peril.

3. Last night, it shouldered a graver problem.

4. Outside America, the consequences could be even graver.

5. 11 We are in the gravest peril.

6. The graver problems await the end of the war.

7. Graver: V - shaped steel cutting tool used by engravers . Also called burin.

8. Otherwise, say environmentalists, the long - term costs could be far graver.

9. I overheard your last remark and take the gravest exception.

10. They carved the main tool for paper and oil pan are graver.

11. There is grave There is grave.

12. 10 There is grave There is grave.

13. 25 To be blind to this will lead to the gravest error.

14. Grave (à)

15. The loss of a marriage carried a graver impact than just a relationship like hers.

16. Heavy Burden on Glenand For Glenand in particular the situation was graver than for most.

17. Peahens, however, refuse to abandon their chicks, even in the face of the gravest danger.

18. Silent as the grave.

19. I spit upon your grave .

20. chiefly as grave markers.

21. Leadership is a grave responsibility.

22. This could have grave consequences.

23. " Grave robbers will be shot. "

24. Kelly's grave was also desecrated.

25. Grave digger dropped it off.