gua-sha|gua sha in English


healing technique in Chinese medicine in which the skin on parts of the body (such as the back, limbs) is oiled and then pressured in strokes and scrubbed with a round-edged object (such as a ceramic spoon or other object alike) resulting in tiny red petechiae (called "sha") which fade away within 2 to 3 days

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1. Ha - sha Ha - sha all fall down.

2. Each Gua is clearly distinctive.

3. Gua-erjia Gong-e, Chief Commander

4. This is Tsim Sha Tsui Bell Tower.

5. Blackhead Point Signal Tower, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

6. Hammer's business pedigree almost gua-ranteed him the acquaintance of U.S. presidents.

7. They include the name and explanation of each "Gua" (diagrammatic divinatory symbol).

8. He pronounced it Per-sha, the way the English do.

9. Distribution: Sai Kung, Sha Tau Kok. Guangxi ( Pingnan ), very rare.

10. The musical play inadvisable to lead into in Sha site museum.

11. Time Ball Tower of Blackhead Point , Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong . 190

12. 12 This can in sha Allah be reinforced when you are praying together as salat in sha Allah is a reminder of the Haq and what being Muslim is all about.

13. Terui Sha female colleagues, often criticized by his narcissistic Dobson, Zhangkuang.

14. Chen Gua ambitions to buy a house and bashfully lets the left Yi companion him to watch creating together.

15. In fact, I've got some Bai Sha cigarettes in my cigarette holder now.

16. Repulse Bay Lang Ping Sha small beach - wide, gentle slope, the water warm.

17. In 1604, a North American fur trade monopoly was granted to Pierre Du Gua, Sieur de Mons.

18. Some weaknesses have been found in a more recent hashing algorithm, known as SHA - 1 .

19. We deport from North Point , pasted by Tsim Sha Tsui and went to Tsing Ma Bridge.

20. Therefore , the final tightening is nothing but to tauten the out end of the Zong Sha.

21. A cyanotype Mi the Gua fasten H_2 is stop by body, have a strong nti—sour secrete a function.

22. Guest A Green Bean Sha and a snappy orange drink for this lady and me.

23. An Israeli enemy reconnaissance aircraft violated Lebanese territory, entering over Alma al-Sha‛b.

24. When, beijing has harsh Yang Sha weather no longer , have foul air no longer?

25. The Sha Shibiya dramatic art characteristic, is the fantasy and the real ingenious union.