guanaco|guanacos in English


wild llama native to the Andes of South America

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1. The guanaco is the tallest of the South American camel-like animals. The hair of a guanaco is too stiff to be useful.

2. Fuegian dogs were not used to hunt guanaco.

3. For protection, they often congregate with other herd animals, like these guanaco...

4. The puma's main prey is the guanaco, the camel of the Andes.

5. A baby Guanaco is attended to by her mother Hannah (R) in their enclosure at the zoo in Berlin.

6. alpaca, llama, camel, kashmir, mohair, angora vicuna, yak, ►M1 guanaco ◄ , cashgora, beaver, otter, followed or not by the name ‘wool’ or ‘hair’ (1)

7. So too has the Rare Animal Range, replete with deer and guanaco, a South American relative of the llama.

8. hair of the following animals: alpaca, llama, camel, kashmir goat, angora goat, angora rabbit, vicuna, yak, guanaco, cashgora goat, beaver, otter

9. The vicuña and guanaco can be found living in the Altiplano, while the closely related domesticated llama and alpaca are widely kept by locals as pack animals and for their meat and wool.