guinea pig in English

a domesticated, tailless South American cavy, originally raised for food. It no longer occurs in the wild and is now typically kept as a pet or for laboratory research.
The domestic guinea pig , Cavia porcellus, now found worldwide in captivity, has been bred for meat for more than three thousand years in South America.

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1. Is that a guinea pig?

2. Just like a guinea pig Armageddon!

3. The guinea pig is loose again.

4. Guess I'm your first guinea pig.

5. METHODS: Isolated guinea pig tracheae were used.

6. com/petter.html] two rabbits and a guinea pig.

7. You want to be a guinea pig man?

8. Note: " Guinea Pig " is defined as any experimental material.

9. Here the other guinea- pig cheered, and was suppressed.

10. Dick, s weak guinea pig kicked Mike's quick louse.

11. Here the other guinea-pig cheered, and was suppressed.

12. My guinea pig babies have been growing, getting large.

13. They use prison as guinea pig to test drug.

14. My first guinea pig was year two of medical school.

15. South American cavy; possibly ancestral to the domestic guinea pig.

16. Or they wouldn't be using you as a guinea pig.

17. I can't let my little girl be your guinea pig.

18. I've made some candies -- will you be my guinea pig?

19. Objective To establish melioidosis model of FMMU albino guinea pig.

20. That narrows my choices in life to freak or guinea pig.

21. He was used as a guinea pig for the new drug.

22. Key words: long chain base, fatty acid, sphingomyelin, guinea pig, Harderian gland.

23. The “keratolytic” effect of salicylic acid was examined in guinea-pig skin.

24. They have several pets - a dog, two rabbits and a guinea pig.

25. The result of guinea-pig skin sensitizing test showed weak sensitizing effect.

26. I guess it may be the revenge of the guinea pig I was.

27. Indeed in my studies I was a guinea pig for a pharmaceutical industry.

28. The complicated anatomy of the ampulla of the guinea-pig labyrinth is described.

29. Objective : To investigate general alleigical reaction effect of trichosanthin ( TCS ) injection on guinea pig.

30. CONCLUSI0NS FDP has a significant inhibitory effect on guinea pig bronchoconstriction induced by His.

31. The capability of guinea pig epidermal extracts to hydrolyze deoxyribonucleic acid has been studied.

32. BUF could reduce the excitability of guinea pig papillary muscles to electrical field stimulation.

33. The sections of guinea pig asthma model lung tissues were stained with NADPH diaphorase .

34. Objective To establish a guinea pig to rat pancreaticoduodenal xenograft model for studying hyperacute rejection.

35. Objective To observe the effect of Xiefeipingchuanling granula on bronchospasm caused by histamine guinea pig.

36. Objective : To induce the EAE model on Guinea pig wi th Myelin Basic Protein ( MBP ).

37. I just like to dive right in and become sort of a human guinea pig.

38. 3) BUF could reduce the excitability of guinea pig papillary muscles to electrical field stimulation.

39. Objective To observe the effect of ketoconazole spraying film on guinea pig tinea corporis model.

40. The effect of electrical stimulation on excitability of the auditory nerve in guinea pig Objective

41. Key words: b3-adrenoceptor, stereoselectivity, b-adrenoceptor alkylating, structure–activity relationship, guinea pig gastric fundus.

42. The effect of vitamin A acid on the culture of guinea pig ear keratinocytes was investigated.

43. Methods: Using TCS as antigen, carried on sensitizing and attacking of allergical reaction on guinea pig.

44. Unless they send him back to Antarctica to be a guinea pig for the Ancient technology.

45. In the case of the guinea pig, the number of offspring varies between two and five.

46. OBJECTIVE:To study the tachyphylaxis after pseudo ephedrine and ephedrine crossly used on isolated guinea pig tracheae.

47. Guinea-pig AFP has fatty-acid- and lectin-binding properties, but no affinity for sex hormones.

48. The action of anaphylatoxin (AT) on the isolated guinea-pig uterus is not blocked by antihistaminics.

49. 23 Dimethyltrilobine iodide ( DMT ) 5 M - M increased the contractile force of isolated guinea pig left atria.

50. METHODS: Action potentials and force of contraction were studied with conventional techniques in guinea-pig papillary muscles.