gymkhana|gymkhanas in English


[gym·kha·na || dʒɪm'kɑːnə]

field day, sporting event

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1. At shows and jump their horses while the children gymkhana.

2. We also have our own Autumn Shows where you draw your pony out of the hat for each gymkhana race.

3. What he obviously had in mind was the manoeuvre carried out by horsemen displaying their skill at a gymkhana.

4. Nor did he shuffle them around, as an almost annual political gymkhana, in the way that Harold Wilson did.

5. The city has two 18-hole golf courses: the Cosmopolitan Club ,& the Gymkhana Club golf course, both of which were established in the late 19th century.

6. There are picture of a gymkhana, an autumn trip and a rope skipping match. in one picture a girl jumps so high that she looks like she is flying!

7. According to the historical data, Tibetan traditional sports are very popular 1300 years ago in the times of King Songzan Gambo. Every important festival, the Tibetans held their traditional gymkhana.