have a card up one's sleeve in English

have a plan or idea in reserve, have a strategy ready

Use "have a card up ones sleeve" in a sentence

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1. That card was up your sleeve.

2. And perhaps it was time to play the trump card up his sleeve.

3. A card can have up to 3 controls:

4. In London, Marina and co have something up their sleeve.

5. "I've a few tricks up my sleeve".

6. 18 I guess you must have a card up your sleeve for the tender in the Asian Games Velodrome. Can you share with us your story about the bidding?

7. I've a couple of aces up my sleeve.

8. If I know Mark he'll have one or two tricks up his sleeve.

9. Remember, by filling in a donor card you could help save some one's life.

10. Master, any more tricks up your sleeve?

11. Well, this one's a little less made-up.

12. We have a large selection of short sleeve shirts.

13. Please sew up this rip in my sleeve.

14. Indeed, so have you got any tricks up your sleeve to help bump yourself up the list next time?

15. He clearly had something tasty up his sleeve.

16. Don't worry. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

17. And Beijing has other cards up its sleeve .

18. to suck up to one's boss.

19. At one's leisure, we can have a race.

20. Tears well up in one's eyes.

21. A little boy came running up and tugged at his sleeve excitedly.

22. Nothing goes up or down my sleeve, no trickery.

23. A sleeve type acupuncture needle includes a sleeve and an acupuncture needle (3) inserted in the sleeve.

24. A huge , hairy[Sentencedict.com], scary centipede was crawling up Master Lianchi's sleeve.

25. He had a trick up his sleeve in case he got caught.