hiding place in English

a place for concealing someone or something.
The islands and sheltered bays provided ideal hiding places for the pirate galleys that plundered passing ships.

Use "hiding place" in a sentence

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1. A Hiding Place From the Wind

2. I've got a special hiding place.

3. The criminal was flushed out from hiding place.

4. We need a hiding place, not a burger.

5. Then they flew away into their hiding place.

6. The escaped prisoner was dragged from his hiding-place.

7. The game ends when everyone finds the hiding place.

8. You are our hiding place; You are our Tow’r.

9. That's what made it such a good hiding place.

10. 28 Then they flew away into their hiding place.

11. 5 Then they flew away into their hiding place.

12. Johnson carefully returned the document to its hiding place.

13. 9 The escaped prisoner was dragged from his hiding-place.

14. Echo shall not so much as whisper my hiding place.

15. The police flushed the criminals out of their hiding place.

16. It was C ... who had informed Peter of this hiding place.

17. Therefore, he had prepared a hiding place behind the ironing board.

18. He showed me the zodiac panelling, and Lucia's secret hiding-place.

19. (Exodus 21:12, 13) Did you assail him from a hiding place?

20. As they neared her hiding place, Tilly shrank back into the shadows.

21. The boy promised not to divulge the whereabouts of the hiding place.

22. Anne thought Nina had found a hiding place and was lying low.

23. A flashlight beam probed the underbrush only yards away from their hiding place.

24. Rachel looked around the living-room for a hiding place for her choker.

25. I found a hiding place at home and tore off the candy wrapper.

26. The police used dogs to sniff out the criminals in their hiding - place.

27. Now Kujau claims to have found its hiding place by researching old documents.

28. Although local people must have known his hiding place, he was never betrayed.

29. 2 And each one will be like a hiding place* from the wind,

30. Don't come out of your hiding - place until I give you the okay.

31. It then finds a hiding place and attaches itself to a branch with silk.

32. We can use the dog to smell out the drugs in their hiding place.

33. From our hiding place we were able to observe the animals at close quarters.

34. You have to flush the rabbits from their hiding place before you shoot them.

35. The old war criminal was at last smoked out from his hiding place abroad.

36. It had not struck him until now that this was an inadequate hiding place.

37. Wherever you go there is no hiding place in John Major's second class society.

38. He led the Soviets to the hiding place of the documents in February 1945.

39. That's why Whitney needed the dynamite... to blast open whatever hiding place it was in.

40. Was he watching at this present moment from some hiding place high in the rocks?

41. 24 Wherever you go there is no hiding place in John Major's second class society.

42. The Creator permitted Moses to take a hiding place on Mount Sinai while He “passed by.”

43. She glanced hastily behind her but, as in the kitchen, there was no obvious hiding place.

44. Sally went to her bedroom and pulled her piggy bank from its hiding place the closet.

45. 15 It clings, it slices into flesh, and there's absolutely no hiding place for our imperfections.

46. Researchers have suspected that the bone marrow - which creates blood cells - could serve as the hiding place .

47. Your brother had a piece of paper in his pocket with Billy Egan's hiding place on it.

48. Asik was astonished, he forgot about his hiding place behind the tree and jumped into the road.

49. Emmie had climbed into her hiding place on the roof of the old summer-house, to smoke.

50. And any hiding place you can possibly imagine has already been thought of and tried by somebody.