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family name; David Hume (1711-1776), Scottish historian and philosopher; town in New York state (USA)

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1. A principle Hume is most famous for. David Hume.

2. His Eminence Cardinal Hume celebrated Mass.

3. Mr. Donovan? This is Ed Hume.

4. Hume believes his philosophy is human science.

5. Hume There is no shit, just me shitting.

6. Hume. An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals.

7. High Monteggia fracture is also called Hume fracture.

8. Britain’s Cardinal Hume even called church parishes “sleeping giants.”

9. The whole world emulates Athens and Rome ( David Hume ).

10. And by moral evidence, Hume means inductive reasoning, reasoning from experience.

11. Hume gives an elaborate account of the psychology of moral feeling.

12. As David Hume said, reason is always slave to the passions.

13. Hume had established emotionalist ethics based on the criticism of rationalist ethics.

14. Hume believed that four factors undermine the credibility of reports of miracles.

15. The US ambassador to Indonesia, Cameron Hume, is actively trying to prevent a catastrophe.

16. The most important compatibilist in the history of the philosophy was David Hume.

17. There are three light industrial areas: the suburbs of Fyshwick, Mitchell and Hume.

18. In 1976 Cardinal Hume appointed the then Father Crowley as his private secretary.

19. David Hume challenged the objectivity of causality and the inevitability of inductive inference.

20. Let us add our congratulations to those the President-in-Office extended to John Hume.

21. Since Hume, the problem of induction had been a baffled western empiricist scientists and philosophers.

22. Mere reason is insufficient to convince us of its [ the Christian religion's ] veracity ( David Hume ).

23. The issue of the rationality of inductive inference was raised by David Hume at first.

24. David Hume ( 1711——1776 ) was a famous English moral philosopher in the 18 th century.

25. What are two other reasons put forward by David Hume to disclaim the possibility of miracles?

26. One great example of this involves the 18th century philosopher, the Scottish moral philosopher David Hume.

27. The Scottish philosopher David Hume proposed an "inductive problem" that shocked the foundation of inductive logic.

28. Kant Kant's moral philosophy is sharply opposed to the moral sense approach of Hutcheson and Hume.

29. But soon the influence of Hume and Gibbon, Rousseau and Voltaire brought every authority into question.

30. However, Hume thought that qualities other than benevolence were virtuous if they produced the feeling of approval.

31. Cosmological and teleological arguments have come under sustained criticism, notably by Scottish philosopher David Hume, noted empiricist and skeptic.

32. The association was chaired by John Hume and drew on the self-help traditions of the credit unions.

33. As David Hume, the great Scottish philosopher, argued, the monetary mechanism is one way of achieving this outcome.

34. In addition to Plato and Foucault, the list includes Aristotle, Hume, Kant, Bentham, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Russell, and Marcuse.

35. An answer may lie in work by philosophers as different as David Hume, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Alvin Plantinga.

36. His great sparring partner was his friend and fellow Scot, David Hume, who taught Smith many of his best punches.

37. That's the problem which the paranormal presents for us, and it's the problem which miracles presented for Hume.

38. Julian Hume has suggested this island was l'île aux Benitiers in Tamarin Bay, on the west coast of Mauritius.

39. The foregoing justification of induction is quite unacceptable, as David Hume conclusively demonstrated as long ago as the mid-eighteenth century.

40. Hume could scarcely suffer the fate of Andrew Lang, and be hailed as a new defender of the faith.

41. Hume "doesn't really have the authority, " Shales suggested — unless of course "one believes that every Christian by mandate must proselytize."

42. But this meant that Hume could not easily be deployed against the extreme deductions exemplified in de Sade and Bentham.

43. No doubt this is the truth on which Hume relied in denying the existence of the Self as commonly conceived.

44. David Hume was British famous empiricism philosopher in the 18th century. His scepticism had a great influence on many philosophers after him.

45. Popper defined Hume problems as that whether the inductive logic can be verified or on what conditions can it be verified.

46. Party insiders said the move was to help prepare the ground for him to eventually stand in place of John Hume.

47. After looking at the credentials for miraculous claims, Hume came to the conclusion that the balance of probabilities counted against them.

48. In his "Enquiry Concerning Human Nature," David Hume rejects religious belief during a period of fervent religious faith in American history.

49. Well here is a passage from a letter from a gentleman to his friend in Adumbral that Hume wrote in 17

50. Cardinal Basil Hume is untiring in his reminder that 12 million children under five die every year from hunger and disease.