humidifier|humidifiers in English


[hu·mid·i·fi·er || hjuː'mɪdɪfaɪə(r)]

device which increases the amount of water vapor in the air of a room

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1. - Your humidifier

2. Electric heating humidifier

3. Air conditioning units and humidifiers

4. It is a humidifier clipped to the microphone.

5. We bought a humidifier for the office.

6. Humidifier using the heat of hot water boiler

7. Watch out for the humidifier , say germ experts.

8. Filters, parts and accessories of humidifiers for industrial or household purposes

9. Dehumidifiers and humidifiers for air conditioning and heating apparatus

10. The present invention relates to a floating humidifier, and specifically, to a floating humidifier which discharges water particles or water vapor while floating on water in a water container, the floating humidifier capable of preventing water stored in the water container from abruptly spilling when the floating humidifier and the water container lose balance and fall over.


12. Oxygen-generating humidifier using the decomposition of hydrogen-peroxide

13. A cool-mist humidifier and fluids can ease symptoms .

14. Heating , heaters , air conditionner and air purifier , air conditioning , humidifier , dehumidifier , ...

15. Allow to trigger a humidifier or dehumidifier (Available in Spring 2009).

16. Main products are high - pressure micro - mist humidifier, laser printers, plotter accessories.

17. They didn't have a humidifier and it's torn my voice to shreds.

18. Respiratory tract humidifiers for medical use — Particular requirements for respiratory humidification systems (ISO 8185:2007)

19. The customers snapped up all the humidifiers on the second day of the cold spell.

20. Cleaning and disinfecting of heat exchangers, heating and ventilation systems, air humidifiers and air conditioning plant and equipment

21. Piezoelectric ceramic is used widely for ultrasonic atomizer , humidifier, medical atomizing machine, etc.

22. Use a humidifier in heated rooms to prevent dry air irritating your throat.

23. – air-humidification per se, e.g. "room humidifiers", is covered by group F 24 F 6/00.

24. Daily check and maintain air - compressor , vacuum, air - dryer air - con, humidifier running status.

25. Isothermal (electric, gas, direct steam, steam to steam and liquid to steam) humidifiers and adiabatic (atomizing air and water and evaporative) humidifiers for use in HVAC or industrial, commercial or residential applications as well as installed into any equipment or appliance