humidity|humidities in English


[hu·mid·i·ty || hjuː'mɪdətɪ]

dampness, moistness, mugginess

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1. Absolute Humidity

2. Rel. Humidity

3. Absolute humidity

4. H Absolute humidity

5. All the services listed in this class not related to the fields of humidity absorption, humidity treatment and humidity research

6. Absolute humidity sensor

7. Air absolute humidity

8. Humidity sensors measure the amount of water (relative humidity) in the air.

9. Temperature and humidity sensors, and alarms to signify abnormal temperatures and humidity

10. 21) Constant Humidity: AAS can keep constant humidity around the planting area of greenhouses '.

11. The optimal humidity is 100%, although some development can occur down to 80% relative humidity.

12. ▪ Orchids thrive in humidity.

13. Humidity, elevation, temperature, wind, spindrift.

14. Humidity causes sugar to clump.

15. Absolute humidity of the diluent

16. VALENO is abrasion-proof and provides protection even at high humidities from both sides and on a large scale.

17. • Increase humidity of room air

18. The relative humidity averages 74%.

19. The humidity was becoming unbearable.

20. Humidifier function from Elvan water filter provides optimal humidity control that mimics humidity from wet laundry.

21. Reference value of absolute humidity 10,71 g/kg for calculation of NOx and particulate humidity correction factors.

22. I can't bear this stifling humidity.

23. Relative humidity of the dilution air

24. Humidity [was] dripping from the walls.”

25. Humidity control for abrasive blasting systems