in years|in year in English

old, aged; in age

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1. The leap year comes around once in four years.

2. The peace agreement will be ten years old in December this year.

3. In five years time, the turnover rate of 20 % per year increase.

4. In November that year, a pleurisy forced him to take two years off in a sanatorium.

5. Lease Term in Years Year that certain percentage of administration revenue is recovered

6. In a given tax year, credits can be claimed for the previous 3 years, or the following 10 years.

7. The ad hoc expert group will undertake the following specific tasks [[in the year # in the years

8. Years in this calendar are designated A.H. for Anno Hegira or the Hijri year.

9. Years later, in 1957, I was laid low by tuberculosis for a whole year.

10. Leap year recurs every four years.

11. This year, the RMB exchange rate fluctuations significantly greater than in the previous two years.

12. That same year the Salvation Army was celebrating a hundred years of witness in Rhodesia.

13. I was released in December 1952, after serving two years of my four-year sentence.

14. Her 18-year-old boyfriend was sentenced to five years in jail for statutory rape.

15. For four years, he trained himself in shot put and discus, steadily improving passing year.

16. Nor are the blight years which affected potato crops in about one year in three, in the not so distant past.

17. In 40 years' time, in the year 1900, in the United States of America, there were 1,001 car manufacturing companies -- 1,001.

18. Six months, a year -- five years, conceivably.

19. A leap year occurs every four years.

20. Year 4: rebellion everywhere during 7 years

21. The Arctic Tundra has not had a drier than normal year in the last 25 years.

22. After 30 years in the political arena, our local member of parliament is retiring next year.

23. He was sentenced to two years in prison for mowing down a nine-year old girl.

24. In 25 years an extension will be built, extending the storage capacity until the year 20

25. During his 28 years in Parliament, the 59-year-old Chuan has been untainted by corruption.