in-flight|in flight in English


occurring during a journey in an aircraft

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1. He joined that flight in Amsterdam from a KLM flight from Lagos.

2. Common European cranes in flight

3. Mayday , mayday , mayday, rear cabin door opened in flight, explosive depression in flight deck and cabin.

4. The flight crew reported right engine Fuel FILTER BYPASS Light came on in flight.

5. Flight Recorders Missing Falcon N888AR had voice and flight recorders installed in its tail.

6. He trained in the flight simulator.

7. Flight in cloud is not permitted.

8. Airplanes may come apart in flight.

9. His flight lands in an hour.

10. Aft cabin door open in flight.

11. The in-flight movie was Casablanca.

12. And in the second flight, three minutes of fully-controlled, aerodynamic flight at Mach 20.

13. Their preferred mode of flight is soaring and gliding; in flapping flight they are rather cumbersome.

14. AF Flight 321 is a direct flight to Rome.

15. Flight price

16. The first commercial flight occurred in 1970.

17. He completed the flight in 2 hours.

18. The bird extended its wings in flight.

19. White on tail very conspicuous in flight.

20. 10 The in-flight movie was Casablanca.

21. The birds rose and dipped in flight.

22. UA Flight 222 is a direct flight to Boston.

23. Flight Time:


25. In disagreement, flight fairly. No name calling.