in-flight movie|in flight movie in English

film that is shown for the enjoyment of airline passengers during a flight

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1. The in-flight movie was Casablanca.

2. 10 The in-flight movie was Casablanca.

3. 11 May I have headphones for the in-flight movie?

4. 20 We sat in our seats like airline passengers watching the in-flight movie without headsets.

5. in the Cocteau movie?

6. Do you prefer to see a movie home or in movie theater?

7. He joined that flight in Amsterdam from a KLM flight from Lagos.

8. The movie in DVD is unabridged.

9. The movie was filmed in Ireland.

10. the annual movie confab in Cannes.

11. Common European cranes in flight

12. The movie is set in the future.

13. The violence in the movie revolted me.

14. 13 the annual movie confab in Cannes.

15. Mayday , mayday , mayday, rear cabin door opened in flight, explosive depression in flight deck and cabin.

16. The flight crew reported right engine Fuel FILTER BYPASS Light came on in flight.

17. In my opinion the movie lacks contents.

18. Flight Recorders Missing Falcon N888AR had voice and flight recorders installed in its tail.

19. That still despair pervades the movie and the movie theater.

20. Bootleg Movie Download: Are Bootleg Movie Downloads Really Worth It?

21. Ann was Shirley MacLaine's stand-in in the movie.

22. Create and save a highlight movie using the Movie Maker feature.

23. He trained in the flight simulator.

24. The movie was shot in New Zealand.

25. Flight in cloud is not permitted.