inability|inabilities in English


[in·a·bil·i·ty || ɪnə'bɪlətɪ]

lack of ability; lack of means

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1. However , the inability to pay cash for a new car means an inability to afford the car .

2. Achromatopsia, an inability to distinguish different colors.

3. Inability to stand because of motor incoordination.

4. 8. an inability to change propeller pitch;

5. • Inability to cope with problems and daily activities

6. Inability to establish and maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships

7. Inability to pronounce the items on the menu.

8. It occurred to her that her inability to contemplate changing her teaching methods might mask an actual inability to change them.

9. Many have blamed what they termed an inability to win on an inability to hit more than one shape of shot.

10. 5 Paulson's inability to dissimulate is at times endearing.

11. Alcoholism can result in an inability to cope.

12. 18 Alcoholism can result in an inability to cope.

13. It's inconstancy, but not inability, that's to be feared.

14. Inability to clearly visualize or sample the endocervical canal.

15. Insomnia doesn't mean inability to drop off to sleep.

16. His inability to speak French puts him at a disadvantage.

17. He has to overcome his inability to assert himself.

18. Her despondency arises from her inability to find employment.

19. Reluctance or an inability to make up one's mind; irresolution .

20. I'm a bit upset at my inability to tolerate injustice.

21. 11 Insolvency: The inability to pay one's debts fall due.

22. His main weakness as a manager is his inability to delegate.

23. The teacher was mortified by his inability to answer the question.

24. She felt increasingly frustrated by her inability to demonstrate her ideas.

25. Inability to cope with cultural differences may not show itself immediately.