inaction|inactions in English


[in·ac·tion || ɪn'ækʃn]

inactive state; state of non-action; inactiveness; inertness

Use "inaction|inactions" in a sentence

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1. Some have even lapsed into postfeminist inaction.

2. Several newspapers have criticized the President for inaction.

3. As Chavez once explained, "Nonviolence is not inaction.

4. It was impatient at this long inaction.

5. Frank hustle, spontaneousness. Check in inaction, but while washing.

6. The speaker lashed at the government for its inaction.

7. At root, the reason for inaction is political.

8. Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction?

9. Continued pollution of the lake shows the state government's inaction.

10. This announcement follows months of inaction and delay.

11. Inaction creates nothing. Action creates success. Stephen Richards 

12. Inaction is a passive means of dealing with disputes.

13. an editorial that excoriated the administration for its inaction.

14. Whatever the cause, the inaction that results is costly.

15. He is bitter about the inaction of the other political parties.

16. In this case, inaction is bad news for wage earners.

17. I never worry about action, but only inaction. Winston Churchill 

18. The West's inaction has put millions of people at risk of starvation.

19. This opens a breach in the imaginary encirclement caused by our inaction.

20. The police were accused of inaction in the face of a possible attack.

21. Such inaction provides an ideal foil which leaves their assumed image of heterosexuality intact.

22. Inaction today forecloses options tomorrow, in overall development strategy and in future population policy.

23. They waited there, in Berwick, in a strange state of enforced inaction and suspense.

24. The forfeiture of self-created lobbies is perhaps the major reason for political inaction.

25. Robot may injure a human being or through inaction allow a human to come to harm.