inactivate|inactivated|inactivates|inactivating in English


disable, put out of action, render inactive; make inert

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1. IPV : Inactivated poliovirus vaccine

2. Reaction of three residues with iodoacetic acid inactivates the enzyme.

3. GI microflora may inactivate certain drugs, reducing their absorption.

4. Moistened flakes are heated to inactivate the antinutritional factors.

5. Psychopharmacologists discovered that amine reuptake is a process that inactivates monoamine nEurotransmitters.

6. To inactivate hormone, to make it lose its bioactivity.

7. The leaves are steamed or fried to inactivate oxidation, ...

8. Layered phyllosilicates are useful for adsorbing and/or binding to and, thereby, inactivating viruses.

9. Occluded spores could not be inactivated with ethylene oxide.

10. Inactivated by anionic surface-active agents and by inert clays.

11. They quickly inactivate vegetative forms, but their sporicidal action is slow.

12. Temporarily inactivate the selected connection so that it cannot be used.

13. An inactivating BK current ( BKi ) was identified in rat small dorsal root ganglia ( DRG ) neurons.

14. The efficacy of alkaline glutaraldehyde in inactivating poliovirus was higher than that of acidic glutaraldehyde.

15. It contains the toxoid (chemically inactivated toxin) from the tetanus bacterium

16. 3 . Toxoid vaccines contain an inactivated toxin produced by the bacterium .

17. Could we use, let's say, pharmacological drugs to activate or inactivate brain cells?

18. They discovered how to inactivate or knock out single genes in libratory animals.

19. The organic interfering substance had certain influence on the efficacy of povidone iodine in inactivating virus.

20. The scientists identified a protean protein that inactivates the flu virus before it can mutate.

21. tho Diphtheria toxoid# Tetanus toxoid# Inactivated Bordetella pertussis # Hepatitis B surface antigen (rDNA

22. Spores occluded in water - soluble crystals are also difficult to inactivate with ethylene oxide.

23. Applying the technology of microwave - heating, wheat germ was processed to inactivate enzymes.

24. They discovered how to inactivate, or knock out, single genes in laboratory animals.

25. This paper researched a method of heat treating to inactivate trypsin in dolichos lablab.