inactivation|inactivations in English


act of disabling, putting out of action, rendering inactive; act of making inert

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1. The kinetics of activation, inactivation and recovery from inactivation are voltage-and temperaturesensitive.

2. 15 X inactivation starts at the X inactivation center ( XIC ) and spreads throughout the chromosome.

3. 3 Long sonication periods can lead to some inactivation.

4. Specific protease for inactivation of human tumour necrosis factor-alpha

5. The destroyer returned to Philadelphia on 8 April 1922 for inactivation.

6. 25 The analysis of gate-related receptor showed that AN-132 binds to the inactivation gate-related receptor , and the binding and unbinding are modulated-by inactivation process.

7. CONCLUSION During synergistic inactivation of coliphage and poliovirus by copper and silver ions in cooperation with free chlorine, the site of their inactivation is probably nucleic acid.

8. 1 A visible example of X chromosome inactivation is the tortoiseshell cat.

9. On 20 September 1929 entered the Philadelphia Navy Yard for inactivation.

10. A visible example of X chromosome inactivation is the tortoiseshell cat.

11. In two further regions (nucleus entopeduncularis anterior and medialis) dehydration induces inactivation.

12. The results indicate that chloramine is of notable inactivation effect on Cyclops.

13. Failure to complete Billing setup can lead to inactivation of your account.

14. Absence of sodium current at positive membrane potentials could result from temporal inactivation.

15. On 21 May 1946, Semmes again entered the Philadelphia Navy Yard for inactivation.

16. 12 DNA hypermethylation is a major cause of gene inactivation in cancer.

17. PP was slightly more sensitive in alkali and heat inactivation than human P.

18. 16 Tryptone and BSA can partially overcome the inactivation factor in the serum.

19. The attenuated phenotype should be owing to skewed X inactivation derivative X chromosome.

20. The inactivation of enzyme by formaldehyde is a reversible reaction with remaining enzyme activity.

21. Females may be variably affected by virtue of random inactivation of the X chromosome.

22. The inactivation reaction is systematically influenced by the proteins and Ca++ ions present in milk.

23. 9 RESULTS Inactivation of esterase was induced by glycation, carbamylation and steroid in a concentration.

24. Objective To observe the influence of virus inactivation by methylene blue illumination on erythrocyte membrane.

25. Lactic acid caused inactivation and unfolding of CK with no aggregation during CK denaturation.