inactivity|inactivities in English


[in·ac·tiv·i·ty || ‚ɪnæk'tɪvətɪ]

lack of activity; inertness, sluggishness

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1. Cortical nerve clusters show complete inactivity.

2. Inactivity turns desires into idle fantasies.

3. A holiday need not mean inactivity.

4. The inactivity of the government was deplorable.

5. A state of sluggishness , inactivity, and apathy.

6. Inactivity renders abilities powerless to help you.

7. The job entailed long periods of inactivity.

8. The results of this inactivity epidemic are predictable.

9. The players have comparatively long periods of inactivity.

10. His loathing for committee-bound inactivity was not new.

11. They often occur because of conflicting considerations producing inactivity.

12. Does it happen only after an extended period of inactivity?

13. By this stage even Asquith was worried about government inactivity.

14. So inactivity has a good deal going for it.

15. Don't suddenly take up violent exercise after years of inactivity.

16. Inactivity and introspection left him lethargic and uninterested in anything.

17. 6 Inactivity period required before powering down the sound hardware.

18. Happily, we can control two risk factors—diet and physical inactivity.

19. The deathlike inactivity of the winter earth is only an illusion.

20. Daley leaned heavily on his precinct captains, charging Kennelly with inactivity.

21. Her most brilliant work was done during several months of relative inactivity.

22. The test proved that the polyvalent inactivity vaccine is safe and effective.

23. The Bible explains that death is a state of absolute unconsciousness and inactivity.

24. The time spent between jobs should not be a period of inactivity .

25. She has bouts of hard work followed by long periods of inactivity.