inadequately in English


unsatisfactorily; insufficiently; deficiently; incompetently; defectively

Use "inadequately" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "inadequately" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "inadequately", or refer to the context using the word "inadequately" in the English Dictionary.

1. I think that it is inadequately centralized as well as inadequately decentralized.

2. The idea was inadequately represented.

3. The projects were inadequately funded.

4. The temporary camps were inadequately equipped.

5. He attends inadequately to technological development.

6. The pathogenesis of bluetongue is inadequately understood.

7. Our scientific research is inadequately funded.

8. The age that he still elects inadequately.

9. Such general behavior was observed but inadequately explained.

10. However, our financial system is inadequately centralized.

11. Colleges have been inadequately funded for years.

12. He was inadequately prepared for the impending examinations.

13. The pathogenesis of bluetongue is inadequately understood.

14. That area of the product was inadequately tested.

15. Schools in the area are still inadequately resourced.

16. For example, do you arrive at interviews inadequately prepared?

17. Absorption by the lung is probably high but inadequately tested.

18. Many of New York's bridges are made using inadequately reinforced concrete.

19. You see young people going to school inadequately dressed for the weather.

20. Although criminal's amount is increasing, it is still inadequately stern to punish.

21. Perhaps I sometimes do that job inadequately, in the view of any Conservative commentator.

22. Despite its high prevalence, hyponatremia is often underestimated and inadequately addressed in clinical routine.

23. Both aldosterone, a mineralocorticoid, and cortisol, a glucocorticoid, are inadequately secreted in this disorder.

24. If the setting is inadequately supervised, the child can easily feel scared and vulnerable.

25. We assume one reason for this is that pain is inadequately addressed in routine patient contacts.

26. He then names the supreme good as eudaimonia , which is usually translated , though inadequately, as happiness.

27. 27 Perhaps I sometimes do that job inadequately, in the view of any Conservative commentator.

28. African countries continue to be inadequately equipped in terms of their mitigation and adaptation capacities.

29. Unfortunately, some policyholders were inadequately insured, thus imposing an unfair burden on all the others.

30. Testicular tumors with adrenogenital syndrome are typically bilateral and develop in untreated or inadequately treated males with AGS.

31. They would need to be accompanied by appropriate controls and action against inadequately documented travellers and passengers.

32. (n) the risk of leakage from the storage site (for example, through abandoned or inadequately sealed wells);

33. Freezing and canning can be reliable methods of preserving foods but the cook-chill method is inadequately regulated.

34. Most schools have poor accountability systems and inadequately track student outcomes. They have little information about what works.

35. The Child Welfare Act is outdated and is being inadequately enforced with its administration reduced to being ineffective

36. Epoetin alfa should be used with caution in the presence of untreated, inadequately treated or poorly controllable hypertension

37. III. Inadequately supported decks which collapse on a paddler's legs when a decked boat is pinned by water pressure.

38. 3 Fear of stigmatization inhibits people from taking preventive measures and leads women and men to assess their own risks inadequately.

39. Fear of stigmatization inhibits people from taking preventive measures and leads women and men to assess their own risks inadequately.

40. Rather we have to ask what was the experience which gave rise to the beliefs and which they encapsulate, however inadequately.

41. Negative stress of healthcare providers in medical emergencies severely affects their reasoning and communication and is inadequately taken into account during routine care.

42. Awareness of the conservation status of Bubalus mindorensis began in 1965 when it was classified as Status inadequately known by the IUCN.

43. If we go on expecting our daughters to be decorative and pliable and empty-headed, they'll be inadequately prepared for the future.

44. CONCLUSIONS: The volar locking plating system appears to provide effective fixation when used for the treatment of initially inadequately reduced distal radial fractures.

45. Epidemics of febrile disease with conjunctivitis are associated with waterborne transmission of some adenovirus types, often centering on inadequately chlorinated swimming pools and small lakes.

46. Despite the obvious clinical significance of human male infertility, the mechanisms of spermatogenic failure caused by meiotic recombination errors in humans are inadequately known at present.

47. The Commission’s approach to regional integration is relevant but coherence is inadequately addressed and the level of funding does not take account of the limited absorption capacities

48. For several years many countries have been violating UN Security Council sanctions on North Korea, either intentionally or by inadequately enforcing or investigating actions by private actors.

49. Peru had an army of 11,681 troops who faced a poorly supplied and inadequately armed Ecuadorian force of 2,300, of which only 1,300 were deployed in the southern provinces.

50. Although it can be argued that breaking bad news insensitively or inadequately can lead to poor long-term adjustment for patients , the research to support this notion is limited.