inanity|inanities in English


[in·an·i·ty || ɪ'nænətɪ]

foolishness, silliness; hollowness, vanity; emptiness; something foolish or inane

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1. I laugh all alone at my complete inanity.

2. Their statement was a downright inanity.

3. These children are quite inanity and boring.

4. His speech was full of inanities that were meant to be funny.

5. You serve only the ego and violence and so you take yourself to inanity.

6. I was amazed at the inanity of some of her comments.

7. Often happy have bigger inanity to the pole , the general association sorrowful.

8. This budget war reflects inanity, incompetence and cowardice that are sadly inexplicable.

9. Likewise, nobody will be there to save you from someone else's inanity.

10. Humming like a bee around the house, I've never had the feeling of boredom and inanity.

11. The debate over the public option has, as I said, been depressing in its inanity.

12. There is no revenge like oblivion : burying others in the dust of their inanity .

13. It was a tonic to watch Mr... Thatcher making rings round Mr. Short and mocking the intellectual inanity of this case.

14. Ask that self is through is being apt because of being apt, to still be apt because of inanity much!

15. After indulging in wooing money, you sacrifice your health and get along with your family and children but have enormous inanity exchanged.

16. The second inanity of meat-eaters is attempting to indict the vegan lifestyle by claiming that plants suffer and die to feed the vegans of the world.

17. Attempting to drown herself in inanity, she marries Peter Keating, only to leave him for newspaper tycoon Gail Wynand, publisher of the Banner, where Toohey's column appears.

18. Jon Dollan from Rolling Stone noted 'the laser-blasting inanity of the title track, which ends with someone bragging, "I'm eating Fun Dip right now/Not givin' a fuck."

19. The cause of alienation contains two aspects such as human nature factor and society factor. As a matter of fact, for a man, alienation causes the spiritual inanity and dry-rot.

20. The whole novel gives the reader a deep feeling of disillusion and exposes the darkness of the American society, the inanity of the life and the inevitable disillusion of the "American dreams".