indicate in English

point out; show.
dotted lines indicate the text's margins
suggest as a desirable or necessary course of action.
the treatment is likely to be indicated in severely depressed patients

Use "indicate" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "indicate" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "indicate", or refer to the context using the word "indicate" in the English Dictionary.

1. The tests indicate allergy.

2. Actions indicate intelligence and purpose.

3. What does scientific evidence indicate?

4. Readings indicate a greater altitude.

5. These examples indicate a trend.

6. Abnormal concentrations may indicate damaging growths.

7. Simplified, amperes indicate rate of flow.

8. The numbers indicate latitude and longitude.

9. Use cursor hinting to indicate pliancy.

10. Expense does not necessarily indicate worth.

11. Checkmarks indicate which settings are active.

12. Alcoholometers are glass instruments which indicate:

13. But certain conditions can indicate danger.

14. Indicate in the instructions for use:

15. Shaded areas indicate negative temperature difference.

16. I can indicate to you the issues, the threads but I am not going to indicate those details.

17. This could indicate long-term adaptation processes.

18. Wrinkles merely indicate where smiles have been.

19. 23 Shaded areas indicate negative temperature difference.

20. A twitch could indicate a brain tumor.

21. Road markings indicate where you can stop.

22. Foraminifera indicate an outer neritic paleobathymetric setting.

23. Volts indicate the force of the current.

24. Tick marks indicate which settings are active.

25. Appearances indicate you stopped for a nightcap.

26. What does Mary’s offering two pigeons indicate?

27. Please indicate clearly which colour you require.

28. The clouds indicate the coming of rain.

29. Drop candidates must visually indicate their receptivity.

30. Dashes indicate deletions to optimize the alignment.

31. Please indicate estimated staff at full capacity.

32. Indicate the general, selling and administrative expenses.

33. indicate that the version published is abridged;

34. Surveys indicate an improvement in business confidence .

35. Dull, unfocused eyes indicate pain or illness.

36. Indicate your exact starting time under flextime.

37. Please indicate your wishes on the questionnaire.

38. indicate the broad lines of such activities,

39. Dry eyes could indicate an autonomic dysfunction.

40. Dreams can help indicate your true feelings.

41. Always indicate before moving into another lane.

42. Their faint, red turnoff points indicate that.

43. For clarity the SDS should indicate if absolute density (indicate units) and/or relative density (no units) is being reported.

44. In this diagram, solid black arrows indicate construction and hierarchic ownership. Feint gray arrows indicate communication in response to changes.

45. Today, gyrocompasses indicate north without a magnetic needle.

46. □ What do results indicate as to our preaching?

47. To indicate or give warning of beforehand; presage.

48. Disproportionate head measurements may indicate hydrocephaly or microcephaly.

49. They display triadic resonant patterns to indicate this.

50. NOTE: For clarity, the SDS should indicate if absolute density (indicate units) and/or relative density (no units) is being reported.