industrials in English

shares in industrial companies.
Even with the Nasdaq off 9%, its stock price has soared 60% this year, to 70, outperforming the rest of the Dow Jones industrials .

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1. 17 Industrials were up 2% at the close of trading.

2. Industrials were down at the close of trading.

3. Industrials were up 2% at the close of trading.

4. It reached its zenith Dec. when the Dow industrials closed at 52

5. P 500 and the Dow industrials in 1990 foreshadowed gains in the market.

6. 27 Compared with the technical innovation to the traditional industrials, the conception and institutional innovation play the important role in the development of the zeroth and fourth industrials.

7. 2 Dave worked in the production department of a company that put on industrials, elaborate musical numbers for industrial conventions.

8. The Dow Jones U.S. Banks Total Stock Market Index has gained 152% since March while the Dow industrials are up 51%.

9. The slowdown in buying corresponds with a stock market retreat that cut 165 points off the Dow industrials on Tuesday and Wednesday.

10. During the 1970s -- a period of oil-price spikes, rampant inflation and double-digit interest rates -- the Dow industrials staged several strong rallies, but always fell back again.