industries in English

economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories.
the competitiveness of American industry
hard work.
the kitchen became a hive of industry

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1. Secondary industries helped reduce the state's dependence on primary industries.

2. Tenple Industries Plant

3. If capital goods industries and basic industries grew much faster on the whole than the aggregate industrial sector , the intermediate goods industries as also the consumer goods industries grew much slower .

4. printing, publishingand allied industries

5. Light industries and textiles led on to the establishment of some heavy industries.

6. Leading industries are: fruits, township enterprises, animal husbandry and the three major industries.

7. Question: No allied industries?

8. Create new business and industries in the Dong area -- like tourism and light industries.

9. Other significant industries contributing to air pollution are cement , steel and ore processing industries .

10. 23 Light industries and textiles led on to the establishment of some heavy industries.

11. Good examples would include asset-intensive extractive industries such as mining, or manufacturing industries.

12. Industries to competitive industries as a leader, initially formed a relatively complete industrial system.

13. Because labour mobility between industries ensures that wage rates are equated in the two industries.

14. com], pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

15. Rouyn-Noranda (copper, allied industries)

16. Bigger industries are involved here.

17. Biology industries include biomedicine, bio - chemical, bio - energy, bio - agriculture, biology and forestry related industries.

18. Wood products industries accounted for $3.4 billion while paper and allied industries amounted to $8.8 billion.

19. Food production, industrial production. Light industries.

20. 280 Printing, publishing and allied industries

21. There was nationalisation of key industries.

22. Take their aluminum and steel industries.

23. They also have new light industries.

24. Fort McMurray (oil sands, allied industries)

25. We will develop environmental conservation industries.

26. 16 This base aims at developing agricultural biotechnology and its relevant industries, bio - pharmaceutics and its relevant industries.

27. Steel and shipbuilding have been replaced by low energy industries - electronics, microprocessors, information technology and various service industries.

28. Light industries and textiles led on to the establishment of some heavy industries. Statistics showed impressive economic growth.

29. The metal and machine industries benefited most directly, while the stimulus spread to the textile and other light industries.

30. These adjustments carry through to the resource market as expanding industries demand more resources and contracting industries demand fewer.

31. Industry: Extractive and manufacturing industries dominated sector.


33. Val-d’Or (gold, copper, zinc, allied industries)

34. Several new industries arose in the town.

35. Weaving and knitting are traditional cottage industries.

36. They also wished to nationalise certain industries.

37. Other wastes from chemical or allied industries.


39. Tourism is one of Darwin's largest industries.

40. Products of the chemical or allied industries:

41. Absenteeism is a problem in some industries.

42. Young industries are embracing old sales techniques.

43. 22 Light industries and textiles led on to the establishment of some heavy industries. Statistics showed impressive economic growth.

44. The government should invest in these industries rather than propping up increasingly fickle, unsustainable industries at times of crisis.

45. "Freedom Industries cited for Elk chemical spill".

46. Products of the chemical or allied industries

47. Several industries are developing in this area.

48. Portland's location is beneficial for several industries.

49. Industries Important Constituents of the Effluent 1 .

50. It's called the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.