industry in English

economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories.
the competitiveness of American industry
hard work.
the kitchen became a hive of industry

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1. The conventional industry comprises the petroleum industry, the natural gas industry, the electrical power industry, and the nuclear industry.

2. Secondary industry: industry and construction.

3. The industry is a capital intensive industry while the industry is a truly labour - intensive industry.

4. 9 The industry is a capital intensive industry while the industry is a truly labour - intensive industry.

5. So many heat exchange equipment using softened water are applied to petroleum refinery industry, chemical industry, papermaking industry, textile industry and suchlike various industry.

6. Colloidal solution of silicic acid in water for use in the paper industry, the beverage industry, the cardboard industry, the precision-casting industry, the textile industry, in catalyst manufacture, the refractory industry and the construction industry

7. Aviation, spaceflight, war Industry and Automobile Industry.

8. The construction industry is a mobile industry.

9. Software industry is a burgeoning knowledge industry.

10. The handicraft industry changed to machine industry.

11. Edible film ( oblate ) applied wildly in food industry , medicine industry and cosmetics industry etc.

12. You know, think of the fast food industry, the drug industry, the banking industry.

13. Among which, primary industry grew by 5%, secondary industry 8% and tertiary industry 2%.

14. Mordern mould industry is technology, capital intensive industry.

15. Mining industry is a key industry in Canada.

16. Such as the hardware industry, shipping industry, dining industry, even the retail trade and so on!

17. None being for use in the oil industry, mineral prospecting industry or water-well drilling industry

18. Service Industry is conceptually different from the Thind Industry.

19. Automobile industry has been one of the pillar industry.

20. The township, to plantation industry and the aquaculture industry.

21. The petrochemical industry has grown with the petroleum industry.

22. Every significant industry used to be a growth industry.

23. Investment Orientation: Commercial Industry, Auto Industry, Industrial Design, Science and Technology Industrial Parkand and Entertainment Industry.

24. Industry park and industry cluster are two partly intersectant but distinctive concepts. Industry cluster affords a new angle of view for industry parks' development.

25. Industry‐Agribusiness

26. The information industry is an infant industry in our country.

27. 1) Another surprisingly popular industry is the temporary employment industry.

28. Used in medicine, light industry and food processing packaging industry.

29. 4 Mordern mould industry is technology,[] capital intensive industry.

30. 2 The petrochemical industry has grown with the petroleum industry.

31. China's light industry has developed into a modern, mechanized industry.

32. PCB industry is heavy water consumption and heavy pollution industry.

33. 8 With "smokeless industry" and the "eternal sunrise industry" reputation.

34. Elbow pipe fitting industry is a pillar industry Mengcun features.

35. The machine building industry reacted upon the coal industry considerably.

36. 20 As a typical representative of creative industry,[] animation industry has been considered to be modern society's "smokeless industry" sunrise industry of the 21st century.

37. The transformation of processing trade refers to processing trade changes from resource-intensive industry and labour-intensive industry to capital-intensive industry or technology-intensive industry.

38. Infant industry is vulnerable to the attack from foreign mature industry.

39. Light industry continued to exceed heavy industry in value of output.

40. The primary industry, secondary industry, and tertiary industry of Licheng cooperate well with each other and all develop rapidly.

41. Many industry analysts are predicting a slight industry recession in 1998.

42. 9 The water conservation is the basal industry and strategically industry.

43. in petroleum industry.

44. Air cleaning and deodorization in the Areas of biochemistry, pharmaceutical industry , Painting industry . underground engineering Water , leather industry, animal far.

45. The products of the company are widely applied in war industry, electronic industry, PCBA surface mounting lead-less solder pallet fixture, watercraft industry, air craft industry,[ ] etc.

46. Nucleic acid is extensively used in food industry, medical industry and agriculture.

47. The postal industry is considered to be the natural monopoly industry traditionally.

48. Its good mechanical engineering industry, railways, transit construction and electrical equipment industry.

49. 18 There are many problems with industry and particularly with basic industry.

50. 9) The entertainment industry now employs more people than the aerospace industry.