irreverent in English

showing a lack of respect for people or things that are generally taken seriously.
she is irreverent about the whole business of politics

Use "irreverent" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "irreverent" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "irreverent", or refer to the context using the word "irreverent" in the English Dictionary.

1. But it were irreverent to describe that revelation.

2. This irreverent city braced for a conservative storm.

3. His language was irreverent, not to say Blasphemous.

4. He gave her an irreverent reply.

5. She has an irreverent attitude towards marriage.

6. It'll still stay fun and young and irreverent."

7. Olympics and politics are undoubtedly and irreverent.

8. THE GOD DELUSION is an irreverent book.

9. The movie takes an irreverent look at the city.

10. She employs an irreverent humour to salt her observation.

11. I do think, Augustine, you are so irreverent!

12. He employs an irreverent humour to salt his observation.

13. The point is in no way irreverent or anarchistic.

14. She employed an irreverent humor to salt her observation.

15. His language was irreverent,[sentence dictionary] not to say Blasphemous.

16. Taylor combined great knowledge with an irreverent attitude to history.

17. Meet thirty - three - year - old Clara Hutt: irreverent, sometimes unkind , always self - deprecating.

18. + 7 But reject irreverent false stories,+ like those told by old women.

19. It's irreverent for a man not to take his hat off in church.

20. A nation without much religious emotions , China is becoming even more irreverent and unhallowed.

21. Every solemn, " official " utterance can be paired with another that is sharply irreverent.

22. After a moment she added as if she might have sounded irreverent, " There wasn't any connection. "

23. Although Levin sometimes goes overboard with jokes, his breezy, slightly irreverent tone is a welcome one.

24. 18 Although Levin sometimes goes overboard with jokes, his breezy, slightly irreverent tone is a welcome one.

25. The hot and the cold. The left and the right. The reverent and the irreverent!

26. Punning , facetious , irreverent, the funny man filled the newspapers and lighter periodicals with his material.

27. Critchley was always vulnerable because of his irreverent humour, which could lead to incautious and overt disrespect.

28. I think daytime television is closer to the street, more irreverent than any other spot on the dial.

29. But in spite of his obsession with the failures of the past, his essential irreverent humour remained undimmed.

30. He was wildly irreverent, too, and loved nothing better than defying rules and deflating self-important petty officials.

31. Here Picasso is more irreverent than ever, but never obscene-the elegance of his draughtsmanship sees to that.

32. Political scribblers were usually better value than politicians, most of them being irreverent and much better informed.

33. When he went to the zoo he passed the elephant house quickly lest the irreverent onlooker should make comparisons.

34. To the bassets, Buster's arrival was rather like the intrusion of an irreverent outsider into an exclusive London club.

35. It was no wonder, on reflection, that Lorimer had been so eager to spend time in Cleo's irreverent company.

36. At the end of the emotionally charged day, usually irreverent and wacky blogger Antidrasex offered a serious admonition:

37. His irreverent, acerbic sketches appear regularly in many Canadian dailies and in periodicals in the US and abroad.

38. It will show how we must be different from the world and not adopt its bad manners and irreverent or obscene language.

39. Claudia Puig of USA Today wrote: "those with a taste for irreverent humor and clear-eyed analysis will find it funny, enlightening and disturbing."

40. Funny, irreverent, and flexible, How to Ace Calculus shows why learning calculus can be not only a mind-expanding experience but also fantastic fun.

41. When Uzzah, who was leading the wagon, grabbed hold of the Ark to steady it, he died on the spot for his “irreverent act.”

42. Many people with whom we are in daily contact have no love for spiritual values —their goals are self-centered and materialistic, their attitude arrogant and irreverent.

43. It has lived because readers appreciate a refreshing stimulus, an irreverent reminder that they live in a world of platitudinous thinking, cheap moralizing, and foolish philosophy.

44. She singled out the Beastie Boys as a major influence, telling Newsweek that she had always wanted to be like them and aspired to make "youthful, irreverent anthems" as well.

45. This was greeted with an irreverent laugh, and the youth blushed deeply, and tried to look as if he had meant to insinuate what knowing people called a "double entendre."

46. Terry MOSHER (b 1942), known by his pen name, Aislin, has seen his irreverent, acerbic sketches appear regularly in many Canadian dailies and in periodicals in the US and abroad.

47. At that Jehovah’s anger blazed against Uzzah and the true God struck him down there for the irreverent act, so that he died there close by the ark of the true God.”

48. The film at New York's Colony Theatre showed an irreverent rodent who takes Captain Pete's steamboat on a joyride and woos Minnie Mouse by making music on the bodies of various farm animals.

49. This irreverent version of Lionel Logue turns out to be an Aussie variant of a Frank Capra hero, a little guy who refuses to be awed by big guys, even one with lofty lineage and a throne.

50. “ʼAbbāʼ as a form of address to God is extremely uncommon in Jewish literature of the Greco-Roman period, doubtless because it would have appeared irreverent to address God with this familiar term,” continues the above-mentioned reference work.