isolationist|isolationists in English


[i·so·la·tion·ist || ‚aɪsə'leɪʃnɪst]

supporter of isolationism, one who supports a policy of noninvolvement in the affairs of other countries

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1. Vori is an isolationist nation.

2. We need to reverse this isolationist doctrine.

3. However, they were intensely isolationist in foreign policy.

4. The government had to overcome isolationist opposition to the plan.

5. The US constitution ample evidence of the founding fathers isolationist orientation.

6. The Republican leadership has clearly decided to resist the isolationist label.

7. Instead, we latch on to shortsighted, shallow solutions, like closing our borders and becoming isolationists.

8. They even set up their own news agency to peddle anti-isolationist propaganda.

9. Governments in the Philippines, Indonesia and even isolationist Myanmar want them to come.

10. North Korea has not fully adopted mainstream Internet technology due to its isolationist policies.

11. For most of our history we were isolationist. For two fleeting decades we were predominant.

12. Yet the aid package passed in an instinctively isolationist Congress with only a modest handful of dissenters.

13. Foreign travel is restricted by the government, which has pursued an isolationist course for a generation.

14. Bush leaves a first impression that, while his government is not deliberately isolationist, it is comfortable with being isolated.

15. American conservatism, before he began to shake it up, was dour, backward-looking, anti-intellectual and isolationist, especially when viewed from the east coast.

16. The biggest trick for the Obama team, though, will be to resist Americans' natural urge on the home front to turn inward at a time like this, becoming more protectionist and isolationist.