kate in English


female first name (form of Katharine)

Use "kate" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "kate" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "kate", or refer to the context using the word "kate" in the English Dictionary.

1. 'Here?' said Kate, incredulous.

2. He disliked Kate intensely.

3. Kate was stumped for words .

4. Kate... you hold it together.

5. Eddy: Kate Smith, an actress.

6. KATE: Conrad Reeves, the actor?

7. Kate forgives Michael for what happened.

8. It's a bogus bust, Kate.

9. Bill is soft on Kate.

10. Kate : We got over the hump.

11. I'd call her an eyeful, Kate.

12. Kate paused and gathered her wits.

13. Kate felt a tug of jealousy.

14. Kate grabbed for the robber's gun.

15. Kate still looks pale and underfed.

16. Kate introduced Urey to her sister, Frieda.

17. 24 Kate felt a tug of jealousy.

18. Kate and I have nothing in common.

19. Kate has a colourful turn of phrase.

20. Kate turned to beckon Peter across from the car, but Bill waved him back, meanwhile pushing Kate inside.

21. Kate has chucked up her studies.

22. Kate gave him a grateful smile.

23. KATE MCKENNA: Plain , boiled , white rice.

24. Could you bring this flower to Kate?

25. Kate and Dom are expecting a baby.

26. Kate nodded, but she didn't feel reassured.

27. Kate wheeled her bike into the garage.

28. 6 Kate drove home in a stupor.

29. Kate felt a great sadness for him.

30. Kate won't miss an opportunity like that.

31. Anyway, he drives Kate round the bend.

32. KATE MCKENNA : Yes, please. The Herald Tribune.

33. Kate graduated from medical school last year.

34. Kate spoke realistically about the task ahead.

35. Kate tagged along with mum and Vicky.

36. She's going to be another Kate Moss .

37. KATE: Certainly. Do you have the shopping basket?

38. 4 She's going to be another Kate Moss .

39. "Oh, I know, I know," said Kate, defensively.

40. After dinner, Kate lapsed into a glum silence .

41. Kate took it when she hugged you.

42. Kate sat in the hospital waiting room.

43. I prithee , sister Kate, untie my hands.

44. She cast a speculative look at Kate.

45. 4 Kate : We got over the hump.

46. Kate phoned. Can you call her back?

47. Kate agreed to let me photograph her.

48. Kate Scott did a superb job copy editing.

49. Kate takes a train to Taipei Main Station.

50. Kate Burrows and Kenneth Caitlin were getting worried.