katherine dunham in English


(1909-2006) United States dancer and choreographer, one of the first African Americans who attended the University of Chicago and earned bachelor and masters and doctoral degrees in anthropology

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1. You've been experiencing an acute nominal aphasia, Agent Dunham.

2. He is utterly adorable, Katherine.

3. He waited patiently for Katherine to speak.

4. They've called the twins Katherine and Thomas.

5. Katherine sat in a sulky silence.

6. She's a dead ringer for Katherine.

7. After her divorce, Dunham married Indonesian student Lolo Soetoro attending college in Hawaii.

8. Katherine sat motionless looking at Philippe.

9. 'You certainly won't!' Katherine said positively.

10. Her Katherine is sparkling, strong and lightening fast.

11. Katherine gazed out at the empty Manhattan streets.

12. I can take it up with Katherine later.

13. Her name's Katherine, generally shortened to Kay.

14. 8 She is to be costarred with Katherine again.

15. Katherine made the cookies all by herself.

16. Hands out gropingly, he went toward Katherine.

17. It wasn't that Katherine wasn't enamoured of Paris.

18. Don't you even like me? Katherine asked stonily.

19. Katherine looked briefly and witheringly at Charley Lynch.

20. Katherine found a small restaurant with a soda fountain.

21. Dunham divides the rocks into four main groups based on relative proportions of coarser clastic particles.

22. With a sinking feeling, Katherine rearranged the items in her satchel.

23. 9 Katherine Hepburn co-starred with Spencer Tracy in many films.

24. Katherine could smell the high sweet scent of marijuana.

25. Katherine works up a full profile based on the note.