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female first name; Hurricane Katrina, devastating and most destructive hurricane ever in the United States that hit the Mississippi and Louisiana states (and other southern states) in August 2005 causing unprecedented death and destruction mostly in New Orleans

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1. Will Katrina make it on the catwalk?

2. Evacuee/refugee (200 After Katrina, refugees became evacuees.

3. Where there's moisture, a lot of it, say Katrina-moist...

4. Or anyone that relocated after Katrina and recently moved back.

5. We could lob the ball in to Katrina and Lisa.

6. This article discusses the lessons learned by survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

7. “Hurricane Katrina destroyed our home, leaving behind only a slab of concrete.

8. 5) One of his students is a beautiful young woman named Katrina Van Tasse.

9. Unlike me, Katrina has had precious little time to adjust to... our world.

10. In 2005 they assisted with disaster relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

11. Why are you still thinking that the lessons of Katrina do not apply to flu?"

12. Border Patrol Special Response Team searches a room room in New Orleans response to Hurricane Katrina.

13. Another notable hurricane is Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast of the United States in 2005.

14. Tony Recasner a principal who opened a new charter school from the ruins of Hurricane Katrina.

15. Rapunzel takes this path to the small kingdom and is able to rescue a young princess named Katrina from a pitfall.

16. On Sunday, August 28, it was evident that the storm named Katrina was going to be a maximum-strength hurricane.

17. They recall that they reacted very poorly then —about as ineptly as the U.S. government reacted to Hurricane Katrina in 200

18. They recall that they reacted very poorly then —about as ineptly as the U.S. government reacted to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

19. Barb Corry moved to Biloxi a few months before Katrina struck to be near her son, who's in the Air Force.

20. We see America's character in Dr. Tony Recasner, a principal who opened a new charter school from the ruins of Hurricane Katrina.

21. In 2005, Hanoi Taxi was one of the aircraft marshalled by the Air Force to provide evacuation for those seeking refuge from Hurricane Katrina.

22. September–October 2005: 9.8 million barrels (1,560,000 m3) lent to ExxonMobil, Placid Refining, Valero, BP, Marathon Oil, and Total S.A. after Hurricane Katrina.

23. Of significance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is that the New Orleans metro area ranked as the 35th largest for retail space in 200

24. Think about the Japanese tsunami -- 400 miles of coastland totally devastated, twice the amount of coastland devastated by Hurricane Katrina in the United States.

25. The bill attempts to address some of the problems plaguing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), sharply criticized in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

26. Western Georgia was hit with the outer bands of Hurricane Katrina, resulting in heavy rains, damaging winds and several reports of tornadoes in Polk, Heard, and Carroll counties.

27. 17 TOM FOREMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): In the wake of Katrina, tens of thousands of New Orleanais were stranded because they lacked transportation, information or the inclination to evacuate ...

28. For Washington's Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), shamed by a slow and inadequate response to Katrina in 200 Irene presents a special test.

29. I am grateful for my mom, Shannon, my dad, Joe, my sisters Katrina, Ana, Tiara, my brothers Joe, Brandon, Austin, and everyone else I'm lucky enough to call family.

30. 30 According to many scientists, the early results of global warming—90 degree Fahrenheit water temperatures in the Gulf and rising sea levels—may have exacerbated the destructive power of Katrina.

31. During the months following Hurricane Katrina, the Vietnamese-American community in New Orleans (among the first to return to the city) rallied against a landfill used to dump debris near their community.

32. One heat wave, one storm, one event says nothing about global warming or its effects. That is why those who jumped on Hurricane Katrina as proof of global warming were really off-base.

33. Ocean Springs was severely damaged on August 29, 2005, by Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed many buildings along the shoreline, including the Ocean Springs Yacht Club, and the wooden replica of Fort Maurepas, and gutted or flooded other buildings.

34. Like Jennifer Odem's sculpture of tables standing sentinel on the banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans, guarding against the threat of post-Katrina floodwaters and rising up against adversity, we too have the ability to act affirmatively and affect positive change.