kay in English


female first name; family name

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "kay" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "kay", or refer to the context using the word "kay" in the English Dictionary.

1. " I'll wait up, " Kay said.

2. Kay looked at him scornfully.

3. At this, Kay Collins laughs heartily.

4. Kay grasped him by the wrist.

5. You can always be sure of Kay.

6. Oliver Kay, Football Correspondent, and James Ducker.

7. Kay has no affectation at all.

8. Kay answered right off the bat.

9. Her icy, delicate beauty entranced Kay.

10. Dean Kay was unavailable for comment Thursday.

11. Her name's Katherine, generally shortened to Kay.

12. People said many kind words about Kay Yow.

13. Winner: Kay Hall. Runner-up: Chris Platts.

14. Winner: Kay Hall. Runner-up: Chris Platts.Sentencedict.com

15. Her icy[http://Sentencedict.com], delicate beauty entranced Kay.

16. Kay shook her head and stifled a yawn .

17. Michael thought ruefully, there goes my date with Kay.

18. My partner, Kay Lindhorst, was a real grammarian.

19. Gerda kissed Kay, giving him back his strength.

20. Kay Yow had become a very successful basketball coach.

21. There's no way you could go by yourself, Kay.

22. 12 Kay shook her head and stifled a yawn .

23. Kay hesitated for a moment and then said 'yes'.

24. Independent directors issued a statement supporting Kay Whitmore, the chairman.

25. Kay smiled, secure in the knowledge that she was right.

26. Kay was taught by her mother till she was nine .

27. Mr. Adams said courteously, " That depends on Kay, I think.

28. Kay Yow touched the hearts and lives of many people.

29. 8 Kay said tartly, " And you're more Yankee than Italian.

30. Kay brought extensive experience of contract selling from competitors Hugh MacKay.

31. Trials so that her injured best friend Kay Poe could advance.

32. Kay grabbed hold of my arm to stop herself falling.

33. Kay said dryly, " My parents never read the Daily News. "

34. Kay (1997), from the liner notes of Beneath the Remains.

35. I just owe Mary Kay a hair drier and a window.

36. Mary Kay Inc. is an American privately owned Direct Sales company.

37. Kay wasn't sure who had dobbed her in to the teachers.

38. 'Kay, this is Steve.' 'Yes, I know-we've already introduced ourselves.'

39. Prosecutor Stephen Kay could not be reached for comment late Wednesday.

40. Somehow, he'd managed to persuade Kay to buy one for him.

41. It seems very peculiar that no one noticed Kay had gone.

42. com/basketball coach.html] golfer Betty Jameson and basketball coach Kay Yow.

43. Mr Larkin's wife Kay was unable to make the journey on medical grounds.

44. Kay McGovern rose to his feet, cheering appreciatively when the performance ended.

45. Kay wanted more of the flexibility and creativity of a natural language.

46. 7 David Kay was special adviser to Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet.

47. At the ceremony, Michael and Kay have an uneasy reunion after nine years.

48. Kay Yow has been recognized for her service to the game of basketball.

49. Kay Yow died in two thousand nine. She was sixty-six years old.

50. I'll say this much for Kay, she always agrees to help whenever we ask her.