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native or inhabitant of Kazakhstan; member of a wandering Muslim people who lives in Kazakhsta

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1. The flag of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic was adopted by the Kazakh government on 24 January 1953.

2. Besides lamb, many other traditional foods retain symbolic value in Kazakh culture.

3. Kazakh officials confirmed their commitment to the agreements between CIS members.

4. Kazakh players previously represented the USSR Davis Cup team.

5. But the sobbing Kazakh woman could not say a word.

6. People of different Kazakh tribes had the golden eagle on their flags for centuries.

7. A few days later the Kazakh authorities issued an international warrant for his arrest.

8. The influx of immigrants, mostly Russians, skewed the ethnic mixture and enabled non-Kazakhs to outnumber natives.

9. The culture of the Kazakh majority is strongly influenced by Islamic traditions.

10. Kamal Ormantayev, a member of the Kazakh Academy of Sciences, was elected as chair.

11. By law, returning Kazakhs are supposed to be entitled to certain benefits, including housing and financial assistance.

12. 15) In January, Kazakhs protesting China's growing influence clashed with police in the country's business capital, Almaty.

13. Reports from Kazakh SSR authorities estimated that the riots drew 3,000 people.

14. A traditional Kazakh meal should always include meat and is usually not spicy.

15. The Kazakh are a semi - nomadic people who raise sheep and yaks for their main food source.

16. The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Agriculture Fourth Division. Yiling, Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture.

17. The mean age was 66 . 21 years for the Han and 60 . 76 for the Kazakh.

18. The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps . Agriculture Ninth Division. Dacheng , Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture.

19. He also regrets that the local distributors are not too keen in promoting Kazakh cinematograph .

20. A 4,167 km gas pipeline will take Kazakh gas to Shanghai , on China ' s eastern edge .

21. ObjectiveCorrelative study of body mass index with hypertension and blood-fat between Kazakh and Han people.

22. In Kazakh language, we can find the loan words of Chinese, Arabic? Percian and Russian languages.

23. He whistled cheerfully, first the Kazakh love song " Beautiful Girl " and then the " Wusuli Boat Song. "

24. Berry arrived with his party at base camp where he ran into the Kazakh climber Valeri Krishchaty by chance.

25. The name "tarpan" or "tarpani" is from a Turkic language (Kazakh or Kyrgyz) name meaning "wild horse".